Why Did Jeffree And Nate Break Up? Is It Still Together?

Nathan Schwandt, an American Indian, was born in Michigan on August 18, 1993. His parents have not been made known to the public. Although neither of his parents’ names has been made public, Nathan has a brother named Zac who is very close to him. What Caused Jeffree and Nate to Split Up?

He is a citizen of the United States and is of North American descent. His astrological sign, Leo, is linked to ambition and leadership. Schwandt is a well-known internet personality in his own right, but most people know him as Jeffree Star’s lover on the internet.

Why Did Jeffree And Nate Break Up?

Since January, there have been speculations that longtime couple Nathan Schwandt and beauty mogul Jeffree Star have broken up. Days after canceling his European masterclass tour, Star was accused of making the claims, and the YouTuber’s choice to remove the phrase “wifey of Nathan” from his Instagram bio only fanned the flames. Now that he and Schwandt have broken up, Jeffree has confirmed it.

The hardest part has been waking up without him in bed with me. Star tweeted over the weekend. He also released a painful video titled “We Broke Up,” describing the end of his five-year romance as having occurred “a few weeks ago.” There’s just no sugarcoating this, he added. “But I am a tough cookie, and the year 2020 will be mine.” “We both feel a sense of shared skepticism.

My heart is in such pain. “I just want to cry,” she said. “Since Nathan and I have grown up together before you, I feel obligated to explain why he isn’t here right now. But, he continued, “I’d want to tell you what’s been going on. He is the only man who has ever had the bravery to love me freely, to love me completely, with all of my flaws, no makeup, waking up in bed full-on — he never worried about any of that. He simply loved me for me. I’m thankful for him, and I will be grateful for him until the day I die.

Why Did Jeffree and Nate Break Up
Why Did Jeffree and Nate Break Up

It would seem that there is still a lot of love between the ex-couples. Is it the reason they decided to split up? The couple’s dog Daddy Star went away abruptly a year ago in October, and Star said in the video that they hadn’t finished processing their dogs because “this lifestyle is so crazy and we’re always on to the next thing.”

Star claims that the online celebrity’s notoriety played a factor in the couple’s breakup; as the saying goes: “We were both so busy being here for each other that we neglected to be here for ourselves.”

He continued by saying that although his father “never wanted to be famous, never wanted to be in the spotlight, and never wanted fame,” he nevertheless took part in his undertakings because he supported him and believed in what he was doing. She claims that my life is so public, and I think it just reached a breaking point where it was just not healthy.

It disturbed Schwandt that many thought the two were acting because of their public relations. What I loved most about him was that “he met me when I had nothing, and he never changed.” Star said, “I have pretty thick skin, I can take a lot, but I feel it wears you down when you are in love with someone and all you hear is he is with you for the money, he is this, he is that.”

“Jeffree Star Cosmetics has so many amazing things in store for this year; I can’t wait to get back to doing what I love and creating,” the blogger wrote after the breakup video was over. I’m upset, but I want to return to my work.”

What Is Nathan Sachwant Net Worth?

Nathan Schwandt is a well-known YouTuber with a significant impact on the music industry. This has undoubtedly helped the individual be successful in gaining support from the public and funding. By 2100, his wealth is anticipated to be worth $500,000. Only accurate information on net worth is available, even though annual income and asset values are present. Whatever the case, he and his wife are enjoying lavish lifestyles.

Who Is Jeffree Star?

Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr., later known as Jeffree Star, was born in Orange County, California on November 15, 1985. When Jeffrey Steininger Sr. committed suicide when he was six years old, tragedy hit. His model mother, Marra Shubyann Lindstrom Steininger, raised him. Jeffree used to dabble with his mother’s makeup when he was younger.

He showed up to all his junior high classes frequently with a full face of makeup on. He moved to Los Angeles after receiving his high school diploma to pursue a career in entertainment, particularly modeling and cosmetics. He never lost his love of music while he was an extra. After relocating to Hollywood, he began working at many cosmetics businesses and providing freelance makeup services for occasions like weddings and photo sessions.

As word of his skill at applying cosmetics spread, he started to attract high-profile clients. Additionally, he developed a fan base on social media, mainly on MySpace, where he posted musical performances and beauty tutorials. He eventually rose to the top of MySpace’s user rankings, routinely receiving thousands of comments on his photo updates.

His MySpace profile has the most connections in 2006 compared to all others. He also rose to become one of the most popular unsigned acts on the website. Additionally, his work has consistently topped the Independent Artists charts on MySpace Music.

What Is Jeffree Star’s Net Worth?

Jeffree Star is an American who works as a model, fashion designer, DJ, singer, songwriter, and makeup artist. Currently, Jeffree Star has a net worth of almost $200 million.

He is not just one of the highest-paid YouTubers but also owns Jeffree Star Cosmetics, where he now makes most of his income. He stands out because of his numerous tattoos and his bright pink hair.

Are Jeffree Star And Nathan Schwandt Still Together?

Since March 29, 2015, when Nathan Schwandt started dating Jeffree Star, a designer, DJ, and performer, the two have been together. When Nathan was 22 years old, he began dating Jeffree. Social media posts of the pair together serve as a regular reminder of their undying love for one another. Nathan shared a photo of himself and Jeffree from Christmas on Instagram.


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With the comment “Jeffree is my universe,” Nathan captioned a photo of himself and Jeffree on May 7, 2018, demonstrating the straightforwardness of their relationship. Before she started dating Nathan, Jeffree Star had affairs with her ex-boyfriends Tyler Carter and Chris Crocker. What Caused Jeffree and Nate to Split Up?

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