Is James Charles gay? Is James Charles a Youtuber?

James Charles, an internet celebrity, makeup artist, and model from the United States, is worth $22 million. On May 23, 1999, James Charles Dickinson was born in Bethlehem, New York. He is best known for his beauty and makeup-focused YouTube channel. He was chosen as CoverGirl’s first male ambassador in 2016.

Is James Charles gay?

He’s a proud gay man. He admitted that he was twelve years old when he first came out to his parents. When asked about his sexual orientation, he once said he was content being a boy and loved doing his nails and makeup. He belongs to the LGBTQ+ community, so that’s what it means. Even so, his attacks on trans men, who are also members of the same neighborhood, have drawn criticism. He spoke about his sexuality in April 2019, when he disclosed that he scored 5.5 on the Kinsey scale and was not entirely gay.

He continued by saying that he had previously thought several girls and trans guys were attractive and had briefly been attracted to them. He was in hot water for them because most people found the comments transphobic. Later, he expressed regret for the remarks and said they were unintentional.

 James Charles
James Charles

Other underage boys made the same allegation a month later. This time, he revealed that he had sent sexually explicit messages to two people, both of whom were under 18, in a now-deleted Holding Myself Accountable video that he had posted on his YouTube channel. He denied being aware of their ages at the time, though. He described his prior actions as reckless and desperate. After the incident, Morphe severed business ties with him, and his YouTube channel was temporarily demonetized. In July 2021, he returned to the platform.

Is James Charles in a Relationship?

He has admitted that being famous has complicated dating and that he is single. Therefore, “Who is James Charles married to?” has no definitive answer. According to rumors, he may have had romantic relationships with Lil Nas X, Grayson Dolan, Manny MUA, and Turner “Tffue” Tenney. All of the named parties, however, have vehemently refuted the allegations.

James Charles Early Life and Career

Christie Dickinson gave birth to James Charles on May 23, 1999, in Albany County, New York. Charles launched his YouTube channel on December 1st, 2015, to begin his professional career as an online personality. He decided to put his entire weight behind his career in YouTube after completing his high school education at Bethlehem Central High School in June 2017.

James Charles’ YouTube channel had more than 20.3 million subscribers as of the time of writing (August 4, 2020) and had received more than 2.3 billion views. The track has the highest number of subscribers among all beauty and makeup-related YouTube channels. The performance of Charles’ other social media accounts has also been astounding. His Instagram account had more than 16.3 million followers as of January 2020.

Charles, who collaborated with Katy Perry in his new role as CoverGirl’s first male ambassador, made history on October 11th, 2016. Given that he was only seventeen then, that is no small accomplishment. Charles has a successful working relationship as the brand ambassador for So Lashy! by BlastPro Mascara and his partnership with CoverGirl.

Charles has landed lucrative deals with significant cosmetics companies thanks to his exceptional makeup skills. Famous musicians have also taken notice of him. He performed the makeup for Iggy Azalea’s Sally Walker music video in March 2019.


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However, James Charles did not always have a smooth road to success as a YouTuber. The well-known YouTuber also holds the record for being the first person on the platform to lose more than 1 million subscribers in a single day because of his controversial penchant.

It’s also essential to note James Charles’ open homosexuality. It’s possible that’s why he famously refers to his followers online as “sisters.” Both supporters and detractors have embraced him because of his sexual orientation.

James Charles Net Worth

James Charles had a net worth of $22 million as of August 1st, 2021. His YouTube channel, which primarily focuses on makeup and beauty, has contributed significantly to his wealth. According to estimates, James can earn $5 million yearly from views on his YouTube channel.

James Charles earns some money from monetized ads and merchandise sales on his other social media accounts, like Instagram and TikTok, and YouTube. His Instagram account features partnerships with reputable companies like Covergirl and Morphe Cosmetics. In addition to the money he makes from his social media accounts, James Charles has made many real estate and retail investments.

With Jeffree Star, he established the clothing company Sisters Apparel. A dispute between the two caused Sisters Apparel to suffer, and in May 2019, the clothing line was briefly taken offline. Sisters Apparel was relaunched a month after Charles immediately teamed up with a new distributor. According to real estate records, James Charles is connected to a home in Encino, California, which he bought in February 2020 for $7 million.

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