Zoe Kravitz Before And After Plastic Surgery!

Zo Isabella Kravitz, an American actress, singer, and model, was born on December 1, 1988 

Zoe Kravitz Early life

At her parents’ house, artist Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, Kravitz was born in Venice, Los Angeles.  Her parents are both half Russian

Zoe Kravitz Career

In the 2007 romantic comedy No Reservations, Kravitz played a babysitter hired by Catherine Zeta-Jones’ character while still a high school student

Zoe Kravitz Personal life

Kravitz resides in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg. She dated Ezra Miller for a short time when Beware the Gonzo was filmed, from 2011 to 2013.

Zoe Kravitz Before Plastic Surgery

They think plastic surgery is to blame for Zoe Kravitz’s face changing from a cute appearance to a seductive, breathtaking one with that model-like

Charles Lee, a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery doctor, speculated that the actress may have undergone an upper blepharoplasty or browlift after observing the disparity in size

Because Zoe Kravitz’s nasal bridge is more minor and sharper than previously, she may have also undergone rhinoplasty. Many people think that because she lost her mother’

The Big Little Lies cast is also strongly suspected of having undergone surgery to remove buccal fat and cheek fillers or implants. Zoe Kravitz’s cheekbones today are pretty sharp