Who is Trinidad Valentin & All Alternative Details?

She is also well known for being Saweetie’s mother, an American rapper.

Who is Trinidad Valentin?

A well-known American public figure is Trinidad Valentin. She is a well-known American model who was born there.

Trinidad Valentin’s Net worth

Although Trinidad Valentin was formerly an American model, she is more known as Saweetie’s mother.

Trinidad Valentin Early Life

Trinidad Valentine was born in the United States of America in the year 1996. She is reportedly a native of the Central Valley of California, in the United States

Trinidad Valentin Height and weight

She has managed to grow to a height of 5 feet 7 inches, or 170 centimetres. Additionally, she is a healthy weight, which matches her personality and character

Trinidad Valentin Family

Trinidad Valentin and her family were born and raised in Central Valley, California. Exactly how much is unknown about her parents.

Trinidad Valentin Career

Saweetie attended Tracy’s Merrill F. West High School on Valentin’s behalf. Saweetie then enrolled at Monterey Trail High School.

Trinidad Valentin Work Life

Trinidad was once a model for American companies. Trinidad Valentin disclosed in a YouTube video that she had previously worked as a video model.