Simon Cowell Before and After: New Look, Courtesy Of he Plastic Surgeon!

Simon Phillip Cowell is an English television personality,

How Long Ago Was Simon Thrust Into The Public Eye?

The birthdate of Simon Philip Cowell was October 7, 1959. He was raised in the Hertfordshire town of Elstree.

Cowell’s plastic surgery history

Simon has a perfect face, full cheeks, a trim physique, and an astonishingly bright set of teeth. He has drastically

What Did Simon Have To Say About His Cosmetic Surgeries?

Simon Cowell admitted he had trouble recognizing himself when he first started using fillers, so he stopped using them

The television personality said, “There was a time when everybody had their faces pumped full of this and that.” However, I’ve discovered

At the end of the day, he regretted filling Simon’s face with fillers. He had a little too much Botox a few years ago since “everyone on TV”

Simon Cowell stated in a Glamour interview that he doesn’t find Botox any stranger than toothpaste. “What do you care?

After he and Simon Fuller pitched the show to ITV’s Controller of Entertainment Claudia Rosencrantz in 2001, Pop Idol launched