Manti Te’o Net Worth, Early Life, Career, & Incident of Cat Fishing?

We detail Manti’s famed catfishing incident later in the piece,

Manti Te’o Net Worth

American professional football player Manti Te’o has a $3.5 million net worth. During his career in the NFL,

Manti Te’o Early Life

On January 26, 1991, Manti Malietau Louis Te’o was born in Laie, Hawaii. He received multiple accolades while playing high school footbal

Manti Te’o Career

Te’o had let several recruiters down by the time it came time to announce his NFL Draft eligibility, particularly concerning his 40-yard sprint time.

His career was further hampered in 2014 when he fractured his foot. By the middle of the season, he had fully healed and was beginning to register his first interception

Manti Te’o Career Income

Manti Te’o’s NFL career spanned from 2013 until 2020 when he made a total salary of $10.4 million (before taxes and other fees). His highest-earning season

Incident of Cat Fishing

Most people know Manti Te’o for his role in a catfishing incident. Manti was the target of an elaborate prank played on him by a man named

Manti Te’o Marriage

Manti proposed to his girlfriend, Jovi Nicole Engbino, in 2020. Later that year, they got married.