Kylie Jenner Liposuction, Chin Reduction & Cheek, Body Transformation!

American model, reality television personality, and cosmetics

Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Speculation?

When she made her 10-year-old debut in Keeping up with the Kardashians in 2007, the 24-year-old public figure was thrust

Kylie Jenner Before and After Lip Transformation

Kylie has lovely lips. This is accurate because “how do you acquire Kylie Jenner lips?” is one of the most commonly asked inquiries on Google.

Undeniable Kylie Jenner Nose Job

Although Kylie has lovely eyes, her nose detracts from her beauty. Our specialists claim that Kylie made a few minor adjustments to her nose

Kylie Jenner Chin Reduction and Cheek Transformation

You can see how much Kylie’s chin has altered if you look at her over time. Watching how such a minor alteration can change her

Kylie Jenner Body Surgery

Anyone’s body form can be improved by breast surgery, but when we examine Kylie Jenner’s before and after pictures, we see much mor

Another All-Too-Obvious Kylie Jenner Boob Job

Here’s where the mystery starts… Kylie has consistently insisted that she has not had a breast job since the claims first surfaced

Kylie Jenner BBL and Liposuction

Is Kylie’s fat intelligent enough to know where to amass and where not to? She frequently claims that gaining weight and maturing