Karlie Redd Before And After Lip Filler & Injectable Botox!

Born Keisha Lewis on April 15, 1974, Karlie Redd

Karlie Redd Early life and Education

Karlie (sometimes reported as “Keisha”) Lewis was born to an African-American father and Trinidadian mother in New York City.

Karlie Redd Career

Redd received a role in the 2001 film Black Spring Break 2 under Keisha “Karlie” Lewis. Redd appeared in the VH1 reality serie

Business ventures:

Redd introduced the Redd Remy Hairline in the summer of 2012. She started a women’s clothing business in Atlanta, Georgia, named Merci Boutique.

Karlie Redd Personal life

Jasmine, one of her daughters, has appeared on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. In October 2018, Redd made her engagement official.

After Undergoing Extreme Plastic Surgery

According to a recent MTO News report, Karlie Redd has had many drastic plastic surgery procedures and is now hardly recognizable.

Karlie ‘Before’ Rumor Regarding Cosmetic

Karlie’s cheekbones and lips are noticeably smaller in recent pictures than those shot before she was the subject of surgery rumors.

injectable Botox

Another surgery myth connected to the “Ferrari Karlie” star is the use of Botox injections. It’s possible that she received the treatment