Clermont Twins Before and After Transformation Audience Reaction?

A well-known reality star named Shannon Clermont was born

Clermont Twins Before and After

The Clermont twins, once reality television stars who worked as full-time models, have 1.4 million Instagram followers.

Audience Reaction To Clermont Twin’s Plastic Surgery

“The Clermont twins are aware that media attention increases as they have more surgeries. It’s entirely purposeful and done for financial gain

How Old Are The Clermont Twins Now?

. They are 28 years old at the moment. The twins went from Georgia to New York to live with their aunt, a fashion designer, because they wanted to be famou

Clermont Twins’ earning

Although none of the sources have provided a precise figure, it is believed that their net worth ranges between $1 million and $5 million.

Shannade Clermont Controversy

When Shannade got involved in a disagreement over a disastrous night with a real estate broker, she was at the height of her succe

Where Are The Clermont Twins Now?

The two were offered the chance to model for Kanye West after getting a taste of fame on BGC14! The Clermont twins were the perfect

Now that Shannade has been released, she must finish a three-year parole period and a drug and alcohol treatment program.