Christian Nodal Before And After & Family, Earnings?

The full name of Christian Nodal is Christian Jesus González.

Christian Nodal Before And After

Christian Nodal began his artistic career in 2017 by uploading covers to YouTube. He had not yet experienced stardom, even though he was just 17 year

Family of Christian Nodal, Parents, And Sibling

Third-generation vocalist Christian Nodal is from the Mexican state of Caborca in the Sonora province. His ancestors had a singing tradition.

Christian Nodal Arrangements & Girlfriend

Christian Nodal rose to fame in 2016 but hadn’t been in a relationship until he started seeing Belinda, another singer, in the middle of 2020.

Christian Nodal Earnings and Net Worth

Christian Nodal’s channel received 3.08 million views daily during the last 30 days, 92.45 million views per month. For every 1,000 views

Christian Nodal Career

At four, Christian Nodal began singing, eventually mastering the piano and guitar on his own. “Adiós Amor” by Nodal, published in January 2017,

Nodal released “Probablemente” in June 2017 in collaboration with Spanish singer David Bisbal. “He [Nodal] is a fantastic interpreter but also a songwriter,” Bisbal told

On their “Jaripeo Sin Fronteras” equestrian-musical tour in 2018, Nodal traveled with Mexican entertainer Pepe Aguilar and his family, including brother Antonio Aguilar