Athena Perample Early Life, Career, Personal Life, And Net worth

In 2011, she started working as a dancer for “Glee

Who is Athena Perample?

Expert in fitness and dance, Athena Perample. She not only works as a fitness model but also as a brand model

Athena Perample Net worth

Athena, an actor, makes a fine living. Acting is her primary source of income, and as of 2021, her net worth will be between $30 and $35 USD

Athena Perample Family

Athena Perample is close with both her mother Cundi Kay and father David Perample. Her parent’s divorce had occurred for an unspecified reason.

Athena Perample Education

The American city of Traversa is the hometown of Athena Perample. She finished her primary schooling in an Athens private school.

Athena Perample Boyfriend

Young and attractive Athena Perample is an upcoming actress. Actress Athena opens up about her life to the public and the press.

Athena Perample Age

In the United States, she is presently residing in Los Angeles, California. Virgo is her zodiac sign. As of 2022, she will be 31 years old.

Athena Perample Career

She worked on movies like “Animal Kingdom,” “Terminator: Dark Fate,” “Wanda Vision,” “Countdown,” and “Them” doing action stunts