What Are The Benefits Of Unemployment Under Federal Law?

The Employment Security Department (ESD) of Washington State is in charge of disbursing unemployment benefits, which partially replace regular pay when you’re unemployed. Benefits are typically not offered if you decide to leave your job or are fired for serious misconduct.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements For Unemployment In Wa State?

Have performed at least 680 hours in a position covered by WA’s unemployment program during the “base year” (the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters).
I have recently (18 months) worked in Western Australia.

Have been fired or laid off (unless for gross misconduct).
Are willing to accept a job offer if one is made and are looking for work (except when they are on standby while temporarily laid off).

Suppose they are looking for work that can be done under quarantine or isolation. In that case, they are under quarantine or isolation as defined by the WA Department of Health and as directed by a public health officer during the COVID-19 emergency until June 30, 2021.

They quit their job on or after April 4, 2021, are looking for work, are available for work, and are willing to accept an offer of suitable work that can be done from home. They or a household member are more likely to suffer a severe illness from the disease that is the focus of the regional, state, or national public health emergency.

Washington State Unemployment Login (2)
Washington State Unemployment Login (2)

Are seeking employment, are available for work, and are willing to accept an offer of suitable work that can be done from home during a regional, state, or national public health emergency regarding any hazardous, contagious, or infectious diseases. They or someone in their household is at a higher risk of suffering a severe illness from the disease that is the subject of the regional, state, or national public health emergency.

How Are Wa State Unemployment And Student Workers?

RCW 50.44.040 generally exempts student workers from WA State unemployment, and UW does not provide salary or hour statistics for student workers to ESD.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria Under Esd Emergency Regulations?

Following the COVID-19 emergency’s ESD emergency regulations, you may be qualified for unemployment benefits if you are not getting payment from the UW and:

You’ve been placed on temporary leave (on “standby”). As long as you maintain in touch with UW while on standby due to COVID-19, you are not required to hunt for other work while receiving unemployment benefits. You must, however, accept any employment provided to you that allows you to remain in isolation or quarantine, such as telework.

Why Do Your Hours Get Cut Because Of A Lack Of Employment?

According to CDC recommendations, you were fired on or after March 23, 2020, and you are at high risk for COVID-19.

What Are The Benefits Of Unemployment Under Federal Law?

Three federal unemployment programs were established under the CARES Act and were updated and extended on December 27, 2020. A new federal law was signed on March 11, 2021, developing these programs until September 4, 2021. These national initiatives offered assistance to those who wouldn’t otherwise be eligible for unemployment benefits, prolonged payments beyond the typical 26 weeks, and paid an additional $300.

According to ESD’s Federal Pandemic Benefits Ending webpage, September 4, 2021, was the final week for these federal programs. As a result, anyone who needs to file a new claim, continue an existing claim, or restart a claim may do so, with eligibility determinations being made on a case-by-case basis.


This ESD tool can estimate the amount of the WA state unemployment compensation that ESD governs. People who qualify for unemployment benefits must declare any income as part of a “weekly claim,” including payments from UW like salaries or paid time off (such as holiday pay), which could lower the weekly benefit amount.

The minimum weekly benefit amount is $317, and the maximum weekly benefit amount is $999 for new jobless claims submitted on or after July 3, 2022.

How To Apply For Jobless Benefits?

Follow the ESD’s Unemployment benefits homepage instructions to apply for unemployment benefits. Use this ESD Checklist to comprehend the procedure and identify the data you must apply.

Utilize your payslip to average your weekly work hours and add up your gross weekly earnings. You can specify hourly, weekly, monthly, or annual gross wages.

Why Ask For The Name Of My Employer?

Employees at the University of Washington utilize the Employment Security Reference Number 000990180003 and the Federal Tax Identification Number 91-6001537.
Employees of Harborview are taxed under the federal identification number 91-6001537 and are assigned the ESRN 000992172009.

ESD should be contacted with any questions regarding WA’s unemployment benefits, including eligibility, the application procedure, weekly benefit levels, earnings deductions, and other subjects.

Visit UWHR’s commonly asked questions (FAQs) about unemployment compensation for further details on unemployment benefits for UW employees.

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