Uzaki-Chan Wants To Hang Out Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer & More

A new video that introduces the incoming new characters for the second season of Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out, which will premiere this year, has been released as a teaser. It was also revealed that the Japanese title of the second season is Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai, pronounced as “Samburu.”

The new characters are all family members of Hana Uzaki’s family. They include Kiri Uzaki, Fujio Uzaki, Yanagi Uzaki, Seina Kato, and Yuuko Sanpei.

Uzaki-Chan Wants To Hang Out Season 2 Plot/Story

In the story, Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out, we are initially introduced to Hana Uzaki, a bubbly and overly enthusiastic character. She spends all of her time joking with her senior, Shinichi Sakurai. Shinichi is thought of as a reserved, solitary person. Only one of his pals, who spends most of his time alone, has been shown in the anime, aside from Uzaki-chan.

The first 12 episodes of Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out’s first season made their Japanese debut on July 10, 2020. Takashi Aoshima is the author of this romantic comedy and slice-of-life animation.

 Shinichi Fukumoto, an episode director from the first season, is now the second season’s assistant director. Masahiko Suzuki and Shinpei Koikawa will work as chief animation directors alongside Manabu Kurihara in the upcoming season. The new art director and art setting artist is Satoshi Kubo. The new color key artist and compositing directors of photography, respectively, are Haruko Nobori and Ysuke Yamamoto. Zuvo joins INCS To enter Co., Ltd. in sound production. Currently, Tatsuya Yano, Yuri Morita, Naoki Tani (HANO), and Satoshi Igarashi are working together on music.

Uzaki-Chan Wants To Hang Out Season 2 Cast

Manabu Kurihara creates the characters, and Takashi Aoshima is responsible for the overall series composition. As a chief animation director, Kurihara collaborates with Masahiko Suzuki and Shinpei Koikawa. The series’ ensemble cast includes.

  • Kenji Akabane as Sakurai Shinichi
  • Naomi Oozora as Uzaki-chan
  • Ayane Taketatsu as Asai Ami
  • Yousuke Akimoto as Asai Akihiko
  • Tomoya Takagi as Sakaki Itsuhito
  • Yuuko Sanpei as Uzaki Kiri
  • Saori Hayami as Uzaki Tsuki
  • Sean Kato as Uzaki Yanagi
  • Hideo Ishikawa as Uzaki Fujio

Uzaki-Chan Wants To Hang Out Season 2 Release Date

Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out Season 2. Release Date Confirmed for October 2022. Funimation announced on August 8, 2021, that the popular anime had scheduled a second playdate for 2022. Fans carefully awaited the release of more information about the debut for the following ten months, and now their perseverance has finally been rewarded.

The second season of Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out will debut as part of the Fall 2022 programming schedule, which starts in October, according to the series’ official Japanese website, which announced this information on June 23. Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out Season 2 is expected to come out in October 2022. Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out Season 2 is one of the most trending series, with episodes being released one after the other. 

Uzaki-Chan Wants To Hang Out Season 2 Trailer

The first trailer for the second season of the anime adaptation of the well-known manga by Taking was revealed to enthusiastic fans on June 23, along with the previous key image portraying Uzaki and her family. According to the events in the trailer, the second season appears to cover at least the manga’s “Meeting Uzaki’s Family” and “School Festival” arcs.

Uzaki-chan desires to Socialise has stated that the Season 2 of the show will make some modifications in the background and would debut during the Fall 2022 anime calendar, such as somewhere in October. Shinichi Fukumoto, an assistant director, Masahiko Suzuki, Shinpei Koikawa, an art director, and Uzaki-chan voice actor Naomi Ozora have joined the team for the new season. Ichigo Ichie Celebration, the opening theme sequence for the new season, will be performed by Ozora. Below are the brand-new Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Season 2 trailer and poster.

The cast of Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out has been expanded. Sean Kato plays Yanagi, the younger sister of Uzaki, and Hideo Ishikawa plays Fujio, Uzaki’s father, in Season 2. If you wanted to watch the show’s first season, you could now find its 12-episode run streaming through Funimation. The staff from the first season will be returning to produce the new episodes with studio ENGI. The series is formally described as follows.

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