What Do Snapchat Hourglasses Mean? How To Find Shortcut For This?

Is a question that has no clear solution in the help area? Therefore the only way to find out is to determine whether or not your SnapStreak is about to end.

Discover all there is to know about Snapchat’s hourglass by reading on.

What Does Snapchat’s Hourglass Mean?

You’re not alone; this page is here to help if you’re still confused about what the hourglass sign means. A streak with a friend is about to end if you notice an hourglass () indicator. You have a short window to extend the bar and remove the hourglass icon.

Users of Snapstreak are informed when their streak is about to end by the sight of this, which is a warning to act right now. This sign aids individuals in remembering to transmit snaps to one another to maintain the SnapStreak.

The streak’s length is only based on the total number of images taken by one user and forwarded to another user. Text messages and sticker messages are not included in SnapScore calculations on Snapchat.

As a warning that the streak is about to end, if no action is taken from either side, an hourglass will appear next to the user’s profile and the profile of whoever the user shares the streak with.

How Long Is Hourglass’ Snapchat Visibility?

The hourglass is not a good omen for the future if you want to maintain a Snapstreak. You’ll need to keep your Snapchat game until you and your pals decide to halt the streak, either separately or collectively.

How Long Does The Hourglass Last On Snapchat 2021
How Long Does The Hourglass Last On Snapchat 2021

Many Snapchat users say your streak lasts only two to three hours before it ends. Others, however, believe that it lasts for four to seven hours. Due to a lack of information on the support page, there is no conclusive fix.

Some people think the elusive era exists because not all streaks receive equal attention. After months of constant use, the hourglass sign may show up to seven hours of warning. However, the emblem might only be shown for two hours if your streak is only a few days old.

How To Stay Away From Snapchat’s Scary Hourglass?

Since we are unsure how long the hourglass symbol will last, we can calculate how long it takes to appear. According to Snapchat, you must send at least one snap to the person on the other end of the streak every day. The hourglass stops at 24 hours.

Using these techniques, you can stop stressing over Snapchat’s ticking hourglass timer.

Send a Snap instead of a Chat Message in Method #1
A fun and simple way to get around the Snapchat streak timer is to send a Snap rather than a text message. You may continue to be witty while still motivating the recipient to take action as a result.

When you need to communicate with someone fast, remember to snap at them rather than texting or messaging them directly.

Take one selfie in the morning and send it. As previously mentioned, the Snapchat streak timer can be hidden using a straightforward method.

A persistent reminder to use the ShortCut will be provided if you add it to your phone’s home screen. With the Shortcut option, those who are infamously slow to react will be reminded to send snaps frequently. In our guide, you can find out how to make a Snapchat shortcut.

How To Create Snap Streak Shortcut?

Sending streaks to everyone you know by hand takes a lot of time. Did you know you may send your Snapchat streaks to hundreds of pals with a single tap? Yes! You may now make Snapchat streaks shortcuts for shipping to your close friends or sending Snapchat streaks.

How To Send Or Take A Picture Of A Snap Streak?

Take a picture you want to send on Snapchat as part of your streak. Click the “Send” button located in the bottom right corner now.

How To Find Shortcuts For Snapchat?

The choice shortcuts are then located in the upper right corner. When you click it, a shortcuts pop-up will display. Select the flame icon after that. Then, you can pick friends with whom you have a Snapchat streak.

The shortcut configurations for later use.
Click Save to keep the shortcut settings in place. Repeating the procedure will allow you to adjust these settings whenever you choose.

Employ The Shortcut:

After saving the Snapchat streak shortcut, go back to the icon. Select all in the screen’s upper right corner at this point. All friends you’ve already selected for Snapchat streaks will be shown. And we’re off now! Your Snapchat streak can be broken with a straightforward click.

Sending Snapchat streaks to close friends or family members is possible with the use of this service. So there you have it, an easy way to create Snap Streak shortcuts and distribute Snap Streaks to all your friends.


This concludes our discussion of the Snapchat streak timer and its modifications.

We hope our responses to your queries about Snapchat’s hourglass feature were helpful. It’s relatively easy to get used to the new technique of sending photos and being social after a short adjustment period.

Additionally, as the advice mentioned above was created with busy individuals in mind, it will be helpful for you to avoid them if your daily obligations keep you alive.

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