Somi Weight Loss: Know About Workout Routine & Diet Plan!

Somi Weight Loss: Ennik Somi Douma is Jeon Somi’s real name. She was a well-known dancer, singer, and rapper who was Dutch, Canadian, and Korean. Jeon Somi joined the black label after being signed. After reducing weight, Jeon Some weighed 59 kg and appeared to be too thin at 46.6 kg. When talking to her fans on her show, Jeon Some sheds tears and shares her weight loss journey and diet.

Jeon Somi Weight Loss Journey

Because of the genes from her western father, She was gaining weight by consuming small amounts of food. But she slimmed down effectively. Somi’s career began when she was too thin. She was attracting a lot of attention due to her Caucasian and Korean appearance. She had an appearance on “Sixteen.” At that time, she had a sizable following.

She later joined “produce 101,” another show. She was at the top of the charts and appeared leaner. According to studies, many pieces of evidence suggest that she consumes just one banana daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She found it too difficult to adjust in the beginning.

Somi Weight Loss
Somi Weight Loss

She lost roughly 4 kg (10 lbs) of weight in just one week off her body. She was accomplishing it by sticking to a strict diet regimen. One banana is not safe for everyone to eat. This cannot be used to lose a few inches. You will suffer injury from it.

Jeon Somi Diet Plan

By altering her diet, Jeon Some dropped about 10 kg. In a short amount of time, she was dropping weight. By altering her diet, Jeon Some quickly reached her target. Every meal, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, she consumed just one banana. Your health will suffer as a result. We may state that this diet is ineffective and unhealthy for you, yet some people adhere to it to lose weight.

And she will benefit much from this arrangement. She claimed that within the first week, she shed roughly 4 kg. She is currently eating anything she enjoys. Cakes, milkshakes, ice cream, and coffee are some of her favorite foods. But she would resort to the one banana per meal diet when she needed to drop weight. Jeon Somi also sips water frequently. The best way to lose weight is to drink water. So remember to obtain enough water in your system.

Jeon Somi Workout Plan

Jeon Somi adhered to a highly rigid exercise schedule. Her abs were apparent since she was working hard. She has a very slim, toned body as a result. Everyone can try her routine to lose weight because it is not that difficult. Jeon Some must travel to the studio to perfect her dancing moves because she is an essential member of the pop community. She will then work on other projects after that.

Dance practice is required for Kpop performers regularly. That is the primary guideline followed by all professional pop musicians. Additionally, they must take vocal lessons, which will help them grow. Jeon Somi used to practice dancing for one to two hours to improve. Additionally, it helps her burn calories to lose weight and tone up her body. She was eliminating excess body fat.


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She did not get the same workout for her solo record. Before filming her solo album, Jeon claimed to have shed 10 kg of weight. The most important thing, though, is that she lost weight quickly. She was working out in a variety of ways at the time.

Jeon Somi Pilates Workout

She exercises with Pilates as well to shed weight. She was working out with Pilates virtually daily. To develop a fit and toned body, almost all K-pop artists practice Pilates. Most well-known vocalists do Pilates to maintain a slim physique and good health. One of the best exercises for working out your entire body’s muscles is Pilates. It will concentrate on your core body components and is a very effective aerobic workout that makes your muscles more flexible. Jeon’s weight loss from the Pilates exercise was a result of this.

Jeon was working out and shedding a lot of weight, resulting in abs. She demonstrated that she regularly practiced Pilates by posting numerous images on Instagram. You can contrast her most recent photos with those already up on Instagram. She had a toned figure, and her abs were visible. Jeon Somi is one of many female K-pop idols that enjoys Pilates. She always practices Pilates after work, which even helped her develop some abs.

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