What Did Snooki Eat Every Day To Lose Weight?

How Snooki’s Cookie Diet Made Her Lose Weight?

Snooki Polizzi is one of the most recognizable faces on reality TV. In the late 2000s, she became well-known as a breakthrough star of MTV’s Jersey Shore.
Snooki is not the same person she was in the past today. She not only has various things going on in her life, but many of her fans also notice that she has shed significant weight.

Celebrity diets are frequently highly limiting, but Snooki found one that allowed her to indulge in sweet cookies. Please continue reading to find out how Snooki lost weight and other things she did to keep it off.

What Did Snooki Eat Every Day To Lose Weight?

Snooki first made her weight loss with the Cookie Diet, an eating regimen created by Dr. Sanford Siegal, public in 2010.

The regimen calls for consuming nine specially baked cookies during the day, followed by one nutritious dinner. The 500 calories from the cookies are intended to be followed by 500 to 700 calories at the final meal, according to the Cookie Diet website. This results in a daily calorie intake of 1,000–1,200.

According to Snooki, who spoke with Access Hollywood, “I noticed that celebs were doing Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet, and I thought, ‘This has got to work.'” “I eat six cookies daily, followed by either fish or chicken for dinner.”

According to reports, Snooki’s diet was incredibly successful, and the reality star even included her mother in the program.

Who Did Snooki Fight With When She Was A Kid?

Snooki has been transparent about her past battle with anorexia. On Dancing With the Stars in 2013, Snooki said she had been a cheerleader in high school and frequently felt pressured to compete with her slimmer teammates.

Although it wasn’t always simple for me, cheerleading was my life in high school, Snooki admitted. “These young females who were 70 pounds were coming up, like first-year students. And I was worried that my place as a flyer might be removed. I finally starved myself as a result. I initially consumed one salad every day, followed by one cracker per day, and finally, just one grape per day. And then three days of complete fasting. I was going through a challenging moment.

How Does One Encourage Snooki To Exercise And Eat Well?

Snooki no longer advocates the Cookie Diet or starving oneself to achieve the perfect figure.

Snooki revealed that she switched her attention from being thin to a focus on health and fitness in 2016. She consequently decided to alter her way of life to incorporate lots of good meals throughout the day and exercises that will keep her strong and fit.

snooki weight loss (1)
Snooki weight loss (1)

In a conversation with The Cut, Snooki stated: “Everyone works out to be tiny. Everyone should exercise to become stronger… I aim to develop strong, muscular legs, biceps, and abs. I’ve always found it motivating to work out with all these strong, fit moms since I became a mother. Skinny isn’t exactly “in” these days.

Snooki recently published a book titled Strong Is the New Sexy: My Kickass Story on Getting My “Formula for Fierce,” in which she elaborated on how she changed her life and appearance.

What Has Snooki Been Doing Lately?

Jionni LaValle and Snooki got married in 2014, and they have three children together: Lorenzo (born in 2012), Giovanna (born in 2014), and Angelo (b. 2019).

Snooki has also made appearances on the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation reunion series since 2018. Snooki, however, declared in 2018 that she was quitting the show because it no longer accurately reflected her lifestyle.

After giving birth to her first child, Lorenzo, who is now 2 12 years old, the former star of Jersey Shore went on an incredible weight loss journey. And in less than a year after giving birth to Giovanna, who is now eight months old, with husband Jionni LaValle, 28, in October, her rapid weight loss proved to be just as successful the second time around.

But the woman who is a mother of two claims that she is not trying to look smaller than she ever has since she is trying to set a good example for her children.

“I want to be healthy for myself because it feels wonderful, but I want to do it for my kids,” Polizzi, 27, tells PEOPLE. “Even though I want to be healthy for myself, and it feels great to be healthy, it feels great to be healthy.” “All I want is to be a healthy and active mother. I hope to one day be able to keep up with them and chase after them.

With an attitude of “no excuses,” Polizzi reigns supreme in the fitness center and the kitchen. The woman, a mother to two children, discussed her wellness routines, including her challenging exercise program, her clean-eating diet, and the daily pleasure she allows herself. Confession: There is no quick way to success!

What Does She Do Every Day To Lose Weight?

In general, Polizzi works out for forty-five minutes to an hour at the gym with the assistance of her trainer Anthony Michael at least four times every week.

She says, “If it weren’t for the kids, I would make it a point to attend every day,” but it’s just too difficult.

However, this does not prevent her from finding a method to incorporate daily exercise that raises the heart rate into her routine in some way.

She says, “I’ll take the kids on a walk around the block and attempt to do something.” “I also have a gym downstairs, so if I cannot make it to the gym or Jionni is not at home and I need to work out, I will typically bring the kids downstairs with me. There is a playhouse for the kids down there.”

Why Is She Ending Her Relationship With Carbohydrates?

Polizzi is cutting the carbs out of her diet with the assistance of her trainer and the customizable meal system that Anthony Michael Fit Food provides. Instead, she focuses on increasing the lean protein and vegetables included in her pre-packaged meals.

When asked about the specific dishes sent to her house regularly, Polizzi adds, “You don’t have to do anything other than heating them.”

Even though Polizzi won’t be eating whole-wheat pasta or bread for the foreseeable future, she still appreciates the hearty meals that will help her tone up more effectively.

She says, “I eat a lot of grilled chicken and vegetables,” which sums up her diet nicely. In addition to that, he offers to make me a turkey burger, which is very delicious.

Despite this, the wife and mother continue to prepare meals for her family. Her quesadillas and spaghetti dishes with homemade sauce are among her most well-known offerings.

“And salad is always on the menu with whatever food I am making,” she says. “Whatever dish I am doing, salad is always on the table.”


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She usually trains with a friend. While flipping tires and working out her arms with weighted ropes, Polizzi doesn’t rely solely on her trainer to keep her going; instead, she makes the most of any opportunity to participate in group activities.

“I train with my sister-in-law,” she explains. “We go to the gym together.” “Our routine consists primarily of lifting weights daily, focusing on various muscle groups. It doesn’t matter if we’re working on our biceps, shoulders, abs, or legs; every day brings something new, and it’s a lot of fun to do it together whenever we can.

But what about the one person she can’t train beside in the gym? Her hubby.

She makes light of the situation by joking that “Jionni is more of the like, the lazy sort.” “He doesn’t need to work out, and if he does work out, he’ll lose like 10 pounds in one day,” said the person of the person who works out. It’s driving me crazy!”

Why Has She Set A Goal To Add 10 Pounds Of Muscle For Himself?

To chisel certain parts of his body, Polizzi has been concentrating on plyometric exercises (like burpees and squat leaps) and isolating specific muscle groups.

She says, “I love that thing because it burns, and I know that I’m making a difference in my body – moreover, I can’t breathe.” “I love that stuff because it hurts, and I know I’m making a difference in my body.” “I appreciate how my arms look when they’ve put on some muscle. I’m currently working on figuring out how to get that back.

She permits herself to splurge, spoonful after spoonful. Peanut butter has evolved into a form of gastronomic addiction for Polizzi. However, she does not struggle with treating herself in moderation.

She explains that one tablespoon of peanut butter is beneficial since it contains a lot of protein in a single serving. “In general, I will miss every other day, but I will eat one scoop of peanut butter in the evening. But I can’t stop eating peanut butter even if I don’t know what’s causing it.

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