Shayna Hubers: What Happened That Fateful Night?

Shayna Hubers, a Kentucky woman, shot her boyfriend Ryan Poston six times in 2012 and said she did it in self-defense, but two juries would eventually find her guilty of murder.

Before she killed him in an altercation in 2012, Shayna Hubers and Ryan Poston can be seen together in an undated photo.

In March 2011, Shayna Hubers’ life underwent a radical upheaval. Then, she got a friend request from an attractive Facebook stranger who liked a bikini photo she had uploaded. The stranger, Ryan Poston, ended up dating Hubers. Eighteen months after they first met, she turned into his murderer.

Hubers, according to Poston’s associates, quickly developed an obsession with the man. Hubers contacted him frequently, visited him at his condo, and even asked people whether she was prettier than his ex-girlfriend, even though he lost interest early on.

Others had a different perspective on their union. Some people painted Poston as Hubers’ aggressive and domineering partner who frequently made derogatory remarks about her weight and appearance.

However, everyone can agree on the essential details of what occurred on October 12, 2012. Ryan Poston was then shot six times at his apartment in Kentucky by Shayna Hubers.

What Happened On That Fateful Night? How Did Huber Blame Himself After His Arrest?

Shayna Michelle Hubers, born on April 8, 1991, in Lexington, Kentucky, was preoccupied with school for the first 19 years rather than a boyfriend. Hubers was referred to as almost a “genius” by her friends, who noted that she routinely took AP classes and received As in 48 Hours.

Hubers graduated from the University of Kentucky with honors three years after high school, demonstrating that her record of academic success persisted beyond graduation. She then went on to acquire a master’s degree. But their lives were forever altered when Shayna Huber and Ryan Poston connected on Facebook in 2011.

He allegedly sent her a friend request in March 2011 in response to a bikini photo she had put online, according to E! Online. After agreeing to the proposal, Hubers replied, “How do I know you? By the way, you’re stunning.

Hubers, a 19-year-old University of Kentucky student, and Poston, a 28-year-old lawyer, soon began meeting in person after exchanging Facebook messages. The two began dating, but according to Poston’s pals, there was a problem immediately.

Later, they disclosed that Poston had recently broken up with Lauren Worley, a longtime girlfriend. He initially loved casually dating Hubers but quickly grew disinterested in continuing the relationship. Poston attempted to stop things but failed.

He was unable to. Tom Awadalla, one of Poston’s pals, stated, “He was too sweet, didn’t want to hurt her feelings. He did feel duty-bound to let her down quickly, according to a buddy who concurred with that statement and told 20/20.

Instead, their bond grew more and more poisonous. Hubers sought to grab Poston more tightly as he tried to back off.

How Was Ryan Poston Murdered Because Of “Passion”?

Many of Ryan Poston’s friends watched with alarm as his relationship with Hubers encountered hiccup after hiccup over their 18 months together. They recalled how she appeared excessively smitten with him and how the couple was constantly breaking up and reconciling.

He was fixated with him, a buddy of Poston’s told 48 Hours. Initially, I believe she intended to force him to wed her.

When detectives examined Poston and Hubers’s text history, they discovered that Hubers sent dozens of messages in response to each one Poston sent. They found that Hubers occasionally sent “50 to 100” messages per day.

Shayna Hubers
Shayna Hubers

Image Source: eonline

According to a story by E! Online, Poston told his cousin, “This is getting to be restraining-order-level insanity.” She has visited my condo a few times and has each time refused to leave.

Others have slightly different perspectives on the connection. One of Poston’s neighbors, Nikki Carnes, revealed to 48 Hours that Poston routinely disparaged Hubers’ appearance. She believed Poston was “mind-tricking” his younger partner.

Hubers’ attitude toward Poston had begun to change in the meanwhile. In a letter to a friend, she said, “My love has turned to hate,” asserting that Poston had only stayed with her out of sympathy. Hubers also acknowledged that she had considered shooting Poston when she took him to a shooting range.

But on October 12, 2012, a new level of hostility between Shayna Hubers and Ryan Poston emerged. Next, Poston planned to meet Audrey Bolte, Miss Ohio, for a date. But just as he was about to leave his apartment, Hubers appeared. During their altercation, Hubers shot Poston six times.

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Why Did Shayna Hubers’ Strange Demeanor During Her Confession Support The Prosecution’s Case?

Investigators immediately noticed nothing strange about Shayna Hubers’ actions. First, after shooting Ryan Poston, which she claimed she did in self-defense, she took 15 to 20 minutes before dialing 911. She continued to talk after the cops took her to the station.

Hubers requested a lawyer, and the cops assured her they wouldn’t question her until one showed up, but she couldn’t keep quiet.

She muttered, “I was so out of it,” according to police footage acquired by 48 Hours. “I was like, ‘Can you come to the scene? It’s in self-defense, but I killed him. I have a solid Christian upbringing, and murder is wrong.

Hubers continued to chat for hours on end. She began rambling and gave officers a different account of what happened then she had given the 911 operator, first saying she had wrestled the gun from Poston and then saying she had picked it up off the table.

Hubers claimed, “I believe that’s when I shot him in the head. “I shot him in the head at least six times.” He stumbled and hit the ground. He continued to twitch. I shot him several times to ensure his death because I didn’t want to witness his demise.

“I knew he was going to die or have a completely disfigured face,” she continued. He’s incredibly arrogant. And wants to have his nose changed; he was precisely that kind of guy, so I shot him right here. I gave him the nose surgery he requested.

Shayna Hubers, alone in the interrogation room, sang “Amazing Grace,” danced, pondered whether anyone would propose to her if they knew that she had killed her partner in self-defense, and proclaimed, “I killed him. I murdered him.

Where Is Shayna Huber Now?

Shayna Hubers’ narrative didn’t quite come to a close in 2015. After learning that one of the original jurors had failed to reveal a crime the following year, she requested a new trial. And she returned to court in 2018.

She described her tragic altercation with Ryan Poston to the court, according to E! Online: “I was hysterically crying.” I also remember Ryan approaching me, pulling the gun off the table, and pointing it at me while saying, “I could kill you right now and get away with it. Nobody would ever know.”

“I don’t know if he was reaching for the pistol or me,” she continued, jumping up from the chair and reaching across the table. But at this point, I was still seated on the ground, so I stood up, picked up the gun, and shot the man.

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