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She goes by Sagarika Shona Suman in full. She is a social media influencer, model, and actor. Raj Kundra, the husband of Shilpa Shetty, was recently arrested, which caused her video to go viral. She said in the video that Raj Kundra Productions had contacted her about a web series. She was instructed to perform the audition in undress. In August 2020, the Raj Kundra producing firm made her an offer. She vetoed taking part in that web series.

Let us inform you that a video went viral in February of this year. Sagarika claims she was requested to conduct a video call audition for the web series. wherein three individuals had compelled him to do a naked audition. Raj Kundra was one of them.

Sagarika stated in the video that she has been working as a model for three to four years. I haven’t done much work. I want to talk about a few things that happened during the lockdown. I received a call from Umesh Kamat ji in August 2020, offering me a job in Raj Kundra’s online series. I learned that he is Shilpa Shetty’s spouse at that point.

Sagarika assured me that if I work in it, I will continue to find employment. So I agreed to do this job. I then inquired as to how I may conduct auditions during Kovid. He then announced that a video call will be used for the audition. He then asked me to perform a nude audition. My surprise at his departure was overwhelming. Three participants participated in the video call. Raj Kundra was one among them, and he had his face concealed. If he was involved in such activities, I want him to be arrested and the racket exposed.

Who is Sagarika Sona?

Model and actress Sagarika Sona is from India. Sagarika Sona’s full name is Sagarika Sona Suman. Sagarika is an Indian national. Sagarika has contributed to online series as well. Sagarika Sona’s age is unknown, and neither is her date of birth.

She is not only a well-known model but also a power user of social media. She receives a web series offer from The Raj Kundra Company. Additionally, she must conduct a live audition for the web series while not wearing any clothing. Sagarika turned down the position.

Sagarika Sona Early Life

Sagarika Sona is a well-known model and a social media influencer. She has been employed in the television sector for three to four years. According to the video she shared, Raj Kundra needs to be detained. The Raj Kundra Company extends to her an offer for a web series.

Sagarika Shona And Raj Kundra
Sagarika Shona And Raj Kundra

Sagarika allegedly received a video call request to audition for a web series, according to the author. She will need to show up barefoot throughout the web series audition procedure. She then made the decision to withdraw from the project. She claims that she was given the offer in August of last year.

Sagarika Sona Family

Indian model and actress Sagarika Sona works in the television industry. She was employed by web series. The internet contains no information about her parents or siblings. She has three to four years of experience in the TV industry.

Sagarika Sona Education

After finishing her education at a nearby school, she enrolled in college. Sagarika entered college to fulfil her graduation requirements after completing her education at a nearby school. Her diploma and credentials’ additional details are unknown.

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Sagarika Sona Career

Singing Career: Sagarika made her start as a child playback singer in the Bengali film Agnishuddi in 1984 as well as the Bollywood film Shaayad in 1979. She later performed various Bollywood movie songs.

After going solo, She released her debut record, Maa, in 1998. She later released her second album, Mere Liye, in 2001 alongside her brother Shaan, co-singers Zubeen Garg and Suchitra Pillai, and she also served as the album’s first music composer.

It’s All About Love, her third album, was published through Universal Distribution later in 2006. She co-wrote the song “Pal” with the Pakistani band Strings. The band’s fourth album, Dhaani, includes it.

She started as an adult playback singer in the Assamese music industry in 1998 with her first Assamese song in the movie Joubone Amoni Kore, although the song was only utilized as a “Bonus Track” and only appeared on an audio CD.

The next year, she performed two songs for the Assamese movie Morom Nodir Gabhoru Gaat, which is regarded as her debut song as an adult playback singer. Later, she performed on a number of Assamese albums and motion picture soundtracks, including Pansoi, Megha, Meghor Boron, Maharathi, Jon Jwole Kopalot, Bishforan, Garam Botaah, Aei Morom Tumar Babe, Nayak, and Jonaki Mon.

Acting Career: In addition to singing, Sagarika made her acting debut in the 1986 Bengali film “Shyam Saheb.” Later, she appeared in guest roles in regional movies including Biyer Phool (1996), Prem Aru Prem (2002), Jonaki Mon (2002), two Assamese movies, and Inteqam: The Perfect Game in addition to a few Bollywood and regional movies (2004). In 2005 and 2006, she did not appear in any movies. Her lone movie in 2007 was the Bengali film Kalishankar (opposite Prosenjit Chatterjee and Swastika Mukherjee). She was cast in a supporting role in the Bollywood movie Life in a Metro that same year, but her scene was removed during editing.

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