Ruby Rose Claims Mistreatment and Injuries on the Set of “Batwoman”

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Ruby Rose Injury Update

Ruby Rose, the former Batwoman star, has posted on Instagram stories to explain why she abruptly departed the CW show after one season. Ruby wrote a series of posts on Wednesday morning alleging severe on-set harassment and cited hostile and hazardous working circumstances as the grounds for her departure. Since then, the Warner Bros. Television Group has issued a statement refuting the allegations.

“It’s enough already. I’m going to reveal to everyone what transpired on that set, “Rose penned her own story. “I’m going to get you so that it never happens to anybody else what happened to me. I can now finally reclaim both my life and the truth. Disgrace to you.” She identified the CW network, Caroline Dries, Greg Berlanti, and Sarah Schechter as producers and the Batwoman showrunner.

Peter Roth, the former head of Warner Bros. Television, was the subject of her initial accusations. Roth, according to Rose, engaged a private investigator to look into her, and Roth allegedly fired the investigator “as soon as the findings didn’t suit your narrative.” Rose alleged that while Roth was wearing his trousers, young women steamed them “around [his] crotch.” In recognition of his services to the business, Roth, a longstanding media executive who has held positions at Fox and ABC, just got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

According to BuzzFeed News, Rose had an injury in 2019 while filming stunts for Batman; she required emergency surgery after herniating two discs and almost cutting her spinal cord. This morning, Rose posted audio from what appeared to be a discussion between her and her doctor on her Instagram Story.

Ruby Rose Injury.
Ruby Rose Injury

Rose captioned the video, “Cut to 3 weeks after this video. It’s worse than weird.” “This was identified on set years ago, but “we would make our day” if I obtained an X-ray. I’ve been recording this for years. In addition, I have enough supporting evidence to produce an hour-long documentary. What else, specifically—the tumor, the broken neck, the fractured rib split in two—would you like me to mention?”

She subsequently posted the same video she shared in 2019, claiming that she had returned to work barely 10 days after the operation. According to Rose, Roth allegedly warned her that failing to go to work at that time would cost the studio millions of dollars and jeopardize the cast and crew’s employment (instead of writing her out of a few episodes to give her more recovery time).

Rose also claimed that the production refused to alter the timetable so she could attend Comic Con in San Diego and that she was requested to inform fans of the news personally should there be no announcement and they assume she would be there. (Rose claimed someone asked her to cover up the scar on her neck during the announcement video.) Imagine being informed that they wouldn’t change their schedule so I could attend Comic-Con and being so pleased about it, and then hearing them say, “We won’t announce it. You have to,” she wrote.

Rose claims that a crew member suffered third-degree burns all over his body and that witnesses received no medical attention. Other complaints include the studio not meeting Rose’s travel needs after she lost the ability to drive due to surgery, a PA who was left paraplegic after an injury (only to be chastised for being on her phone too much), and a reluctance to shut down per COVID-19 regulations.

Dougray Scott, a former co-star, was singled out by Rose for creating a hostile work environment “He was a nightmare, harmed a female stunt double, and shouted like a bit of b*tch at ladies. In response, I requested a no-yelling policy through email as the program lead; they denied it.

“So, as a final request to my beloved, dear followers, please cease enquiring about my participation in that terrible program, “Writer Rose. “If a pistol were pointed at my head or for any amount of money, I wouldn’t come back. NOR DID I GIVE UP. They destroyed Kate Kane and Batwoman, not me, but I DO NOT QUIT.


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I did as I was told, and I would have to sign away my legal rights if I wanted to stay. Blackmail, threats, or other forms of abuse won’t convince me to back down. After Rose’s exit from the program was made public in May 2020, Ryan Wilder, a completely new character played by Javicia Leslie, took her position as the new star in July.

In response to inquiries, Warner Bros. Television Group issued the following statement: “Despite the revisionist history that Ruby Rose is now sharing online directed at the producers, the cast and crew, the network, and the Studio, the truth is that Warner Bros. Television had decided not to exercise its option to engage Ruby for season two of BATWOMAN based on multiple complaints about workplace behavior that were carefully considered and handled privately out of the public eye.

Dougray Scott released a statement in response to the allegations against him, saying, “As Warner Bros. Television has said, they elected not to exercise the option to contract Ruby for season two of Batwoman based on many concerns about her workplace behavior. I categorically deny her destructive and defamatory charges against me; they are untrue and never occurred.”

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