Retta Weight Loss: What Did She Say About Her Weight Loss Journey?

Retta Weight Loss: Retta is a well-known stand-up comedian in the US. Her real name is Marietta Sangai Sirleaf. She makes others laugh with her outrageously amusing remarks. She reflects a beautiful and happy attitude when you gaze at her. Retta, however, did not always behave in such a manner.

Many times in her life, she has experienced tremendous turmoil. The Retta of old was very different from the Retta of today. Retta was a quiet student who never spoke much in class. She responded that she “didn’t know anything about it” when questioned about fashion.

Everything started to change for Retta when she began her acting career. She claimed that one of her close friends had initially introduced her to fashion. She starts to have a strong affinity for it after that day. Compared to before, Retta is now more confident, upbeat, and content.

With time, Retta realized that she needed to alter her lifestyle to improve her health, and she started to do so. She had gained a substantial amount of weight, which was beginning to affect her health.

The well-known comedian decided to start a weight-reduction journey, ultimately leading to the loss of unwelcome and unhealthy weight.

How Did Retta Lose Weight?

It is encouraging and fascinating to watch Retta’s weight-loss journey. She began to pay attention to the everyday things she ate and her daily activities. This is her diet and exercise regimen:

What Is the Diet Plan of Retta For Weight Loss?

Retta eats lots and plenty of cheese. She eats a variety of foods, but cheese is her favorite ingredient. As expected, this had a significant negative impact on her physical health. Over time, she ended up gaining a large amount of weight. This was the issue that required attention. Retta made an effort to limit her consumption of cheese.

She decided to cease eating at fast food joints. In addition, she reduced the number of sweets she ate. Retta agreed to adjust her diet and started eating fruits and vegetables for lunch and dinner instead of high-calorie, unhealthy dishes. Although reading about Retta’s strict diet plan could give you the impression that she has changed, this is not the case. Her favorite food is still cheese.

I’m lactose intolerant, but if you told me I couldn’t have cheese ever again, I would hit you in the face,” she said in one of her interviews. Although she now only consumes a small portion of what she once did, cheese is one of her favorite meals.

What Was Retta’s Exercise Plan For Weight Loss?

Retta went one step further and joined a gym to increase the number of calories she burns regularly. She would get in her workout by boxing, performing squats, pushing, and sitting ups every day. Retta always started her day with a brisk run that lasted an hour and a half.

How Much Weight Did Retta Lose?

She put forth an extraordinary amount of effort throughout her workouts, and as a direct result, she lost fifty pounds in just two months. Retta’s weight loss resulted in her going from a size 28 to an 18. Even Retta was shocked by how dramatically things had shifted since they had last met.

What Did Retta Say About Her Weight Loss Journey?

Old me is a mystery to me; I can’t even begin to imagine her. She was so delighted with the outcome that she commended herself by stating, “I never dreamed that I would come this far.”

Although she is on my mind, I cannot recall her. Although it’s good to lose weight, I’ve realized that no matter how much weight you lose, no matter what else you do, you will never be happy if you are not pleased with who you are on the inside.

Retta writes, “I’ve found peace with my body.” If you see me out and about wearing a sleeveless outfit, know that I pulled out the big guns because I could. “I can’t say that every day when I wake up, I’m happy with my body, but I can say that every day when I wake up, I’m happy for my body. We’ve been through much crap together, and I plan on going through a lot more.”


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What Is The Current Weight of Retta?

She is currently wearing size 22 clothes. Despite her recent weight gain, she is happy with her current weight. She seems to be giving the highest emphasis to relishing each experience that life has to offer.

What Is Happening In Retta Personal life?

Retta explained why she chose to use just one name for “Essence” magazine: “That was me just being lazy. I remember doing stand-up at an open mic a long time ago, and the MC was like, “Who’s next?” I said, Marietta Sirleaf, and he was like, “What?” And I was like, “Ugh, okay, just Retta.”

It has stuck with me ever since. Retta and her “Parks and Recreation” co-star Jenny Slate collaborated in 2014 to produce a Planned Parenthood advertisement emphasizing the value of STD testing. In November 2020, Retta underwent knee replacement surgery.

Conclusion: She has imparted many priceless lessons upon us, one of which is that we frequently focus on negative thoughts to exclude the good things in our lives. The beauty of the planet is bright and breathtaking. Similarly, Retta was able to get over her fear and start enjoying life much more. If you choose the same course as I did, I’m prepared to bet that you’ll also enjoy a great deal of happiness for yourself.

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