Who Was The First Person To Establish Rescue Ready?

Rescue Ready developed window escape ladders intending to shield homeowners and tenants from the dangers of house fires. These ladders differentiate themselves from siding escape ladders by having the ability to slide out of the window they are installed in.

Rescue Ready is a company that operates out of the state of California, and the National Fire Protection Association has given its product its seal of approval. In the event of a fire or other disaster, you can quickly leave your home with the assistance of Rescue Ready’s Escape Ladders. During times of crisis, this item is of excellent service.

Eric Hartfield and Brett Russell are credited with the invention of rescue ready in January 2013. It took them two to three years to construct the appropriate escape ladder.

Not only is it designed to save the homeowner’s life, but it is also designed to be opened by a youngster or an older person who may be forced to flee their home. In addition, this kind of ladder is straightforward to assemble. It is possible to install it without using any tools or screws.

Who Was The First Person To Establish Rescue Ready?

Brett Russell and Eric Hartsfield, formerly firefighters in Norfolk, are responsible for establishing Rescue Ready. He had worked in this industry for the previous 25 years. Both firefighters were well-versed in the many sorts of apparatus that functioned and, tragically, did not operate during a home fire.

When there is a fire in the home, there are typically just three minutes remaining for the occupants to escape, as stated by Hartsfield and Russell. Every year, 2,500 people lose their lives due to flames in the United States alone.

After repeatedly seeing the same thing happen, the company’s founders began collaborating closely with various business owners, people who had survived fires, and engineers to develop the solution they eventually presented to Shark.

What Happened To Rescue Ready’s Presentation In Front Of Shark Tank?

The founders of Rescue Ready, Eric, and Brett, are looking for $75,000 in exchange for a 15% stake in the company. Since this company has not yet generated any revenue, it can be considered a genuine start-up.

Two firefighters on Shark Tank are particularly fond of Lori, who admits she has a soft place for first responders. Shark is disappointed because he believes the window makers did not concentrate on the idea and went all out.

How Ready Are You For The Latest Rescue On Shark Tank?

People started a Kickstarter campaign just after the episode of Shark Tank aired. However, it was unsuccessful and was terminated on June 26, 2020. The website of a company will continue to function normally until July 2020. In addition to that, they continue to communicate with window manufacturers.

rescue ready shark tank update
rescue ready shark tank update

They also provide a rescue-ready retrofit that hides the ladder mechanism beneath an uncomplicated, appealing cover that looks like window trim. This retrofit can be purchased from them. Because of COVID-19, there has been a delay in the distribution of this product, and a notification to that effect has been posted on their website as of July 1, 2021.

However, as of January 2022, customers can purchase these items directly from the company’s online store. Additionally, it can be bought on Amazon.com.

What Happened To Rescue Ready After His Experience In Shark Tank?

The company’s creator could not agree with Shark Tank, so the firefighters decided to use their TV exposure to their advantage and launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for their venture. During this Kickstarter campaign, he set a target to raise a total of $225,000. Only 287 backers contributed $66,608, less than the $100,000 goal that Rescue Ready had set for its Kickstarter campaign.

Although the campaign was unsuccessful, the two firefighters continued to work on the project and predicted that the Rescue Ready Retrofit would be ready in 2020. This company’s website is still active, and at this time, they are looking for someone with experience making windows.

In addition to this, they sell retrofits that are rescue ready. The ladder mechanism is concealed under a straightforward, decorative cover styled to resemble window trim. In the year 2021, the total net value of the corporation was $5 million.

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