Randy Jackson Weight Loss Journey, Early Life, Career & Real Estate?

Randy Jackson is a United States musician who serves as a judge on reality television. Despite being a talented musician, Jackson is probably best recognized for his time as a judge on the reality TV program “American Idol.” Jackson has a distinguished background as a session musician outside reality television, having collaborated with notable bands throughout his bass guitar career.

He is Journey’s bassist as of the year 2020. In addition to performing and judging, Randy is a celebrated music producer. Randy has experience as a television executive producer. Randy Jackson also presents the radio top 40 countdown show “Randy Jackson’s Hit List.”

Randy Jackson’s Weight loss journey

In 1980, Jackson launched his career. He is a pretty well-known figure nowadays. He has written and performed numerous songs and contributed to multiple TV shows. Through his work, he has gained the hearts of millions. Additionally, he served as a judge on America’s Got Talent. His fat, which troubled him constantly despite his fame, was the most significant issue in his life.

Being heavy caused him a lot of distress when he was younger. He was oblivious to his weight because he was preoccupied with his profession. He started living so unhealthy after American Idol 2 that he had to visit the doctor. Type 2 diabetes was discovered when he saw the doctor for a checkup.

He weighed 358 pounds when he visited the doctor. When he subsequently inquired about diabetes therapy, the doctor told him that losing weight was the only way to reverse the ailment. After that, he decided to start losing weight and got going. He subsequently lost 110 pounds.

How did Randy Jackson lose weight?

After becoming ill, Randy visits the doctor and informs him that he has type 2 diabetes. He decided to drop weight since he understood that doing so would prevent diabetes, but he knew that doing so would need surgery.


After having a bypass, Randy lost 114 pounds. However, following the operation, he saw a significant weight rise, which upset him. Later, he understood that weight loss surgery was not the only option. You need to make dietary adjustments for this, and morning meditation is essential.

Randy Jackson Weight Loss Surgery

Randy is a well-known TV character. He has written numerous shows over his career, which has made him immensely popular. But despite everything, he was still concerned about his weight. He has bypass surgery to shed thus much weight, and as a result, 114 pounds are lost. But even after the operation, his weight started spiking. Later, he understood that losing weight requires more than surgery; maintaining it requires a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Randy Jackson Weight Loss Diet Plan

Diet of Randy to lose weight He had to consume whatever he hadn’t eaten after the procedure. He ate grits, bread pudding, and sausages to keep his weight under control. Along with this, he used to eat well-balanced meals. When he used to eat something different than his diet, he made up the time by walking for 30 minutes.

Randy Jackson Early Life

On June 23rd, 1956, Randall Darius Jackson was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His father worked as a plant foreman, while his mother was a housewife. After high school, Randy enrolled at Southern University. He received a bachelor’s in music from the university in 1976.

Randy Jackson Career


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Jackson’s career as a session bass guitarist for bands like Taxi and musicians like Jean-Luc Ponty and Carlos Santana began in the 1980s. He performed with Journey from 1986 to 1987, working with them in the studio as they made the album “Raised on Radio.” Having relocated to Italy, he worked with Zucchero, a famous singer. He also performed with Billy Cobham at this time.

Jackson joined an all-star band in the middle of the 1980s to record the soundtrack for the movie “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.” Aretha Franklin and Keith Richards were a part of the ensemble. Randy appeared on Maze’s “Silly Soul” and Steve Lukather’s debut solo album at the end of the 1980s. He also contributed to albums by Tracy Chapman, Bruce Springsteen, the Divinyls, Kenny G, and others.

Randy Jackson has collaborated as a producer with many well-known musicians, including Mariah Carey. He issued “Randy Jackson’s Music Club, Vol. 1” in 2008. Jackson was the only producer of the record. He has written music for several American Idol finalists, notably Kimberley Locke.

Randy Jackson first appeared as a judge on “American Idol” in 2002. He eventually became the sole judge from the initial panel. Jackson finally quit the program in 2014, citing a desire to concentrate on other business endeavors. Then he created “America’s Best Dance Crew,” a spinoff series. Due to low ratings, the series was terminated in 2010 after its 2008 premiere.

Randy Jackson Relationships

Elizabeth Jackson was Randy Jackson’s first wife. Before the dissolution of their marriage, they had one kid together. Erika Riker and Jackson got married in 1995. Before requesting a divorce in 2014, they were parents to two children.

American Idol Salary

Jackson received $10 million pay for his first season as a judge on “American Idol.” As the series gained popularity, that number increased, and Jackson was likely making far more money by the time he left the show in 2014. According to reports, Randy Jackson earns around $30 million less annually than Simon Cowell.

Real Estate

According to rumors, Randy Jackson sold a Los Angeles home for $1.9 million in 2014. The house is tucked away in the Tarzana neighborhood and is part of a gated community. The 5,878 square foot home, built in 1990 and has Spanish architectural characteristics, has a guesthouse, a pool, and a spa.

He paid $2.725 million for the house when he first bought it in 2005. Randy Jackson first listed the house for $2.199 million, indicating that he was aware from the start that he would lose money on the transaction. He ultimately accepted an $825,000 loss when he finally sold the house.

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