Is Vladimir Putin Sick? What Did The Cia Director Say About Putin’s Health?

Is Putin Sick: There have been rumors circulating for months now that Vladimir Putin is struggling with a life-threatening case of cancer. Recent statements from the General SVR Telegram channel have speculated about Vladimir Putin’s health. Moscow wants to shut down the track because it purports to offer “insider” information on the Kremlin.

The channel claimed that Putin’s top aides are preparing for the worst because of rumors that he has cancer and Parkinson’s disease. It continued by saying that body doubles have “been employed fairly often” to conceal Putin’s sick. These new allegations surface as a new video shows the Russian president’s right arm immobilized.

This video is from the weekend-long celebration of Russia’s Navy Day, during which President Putin was given a personal tour of a military museum. Putin’s right arm dangles lazily at his side, but his left is raised in an apparent attempt to swat away mosquitoes.

What Did The Telegram Channel Say About His Health?

There was a claim on the channel that “with a high degree of plausibility, we can state that soon the president will not be able to convene meetings and participate in large events personally.” The channel continued by suggesting that high-ranking Russian officials will blame Putin’s isolation on the resurgence of the Covid epidemic to justify his absence from meetings.

The Kremlin has frequently dismissed rumors that Putin is sick as “false information.” Dmitry Peskov, a spokesperson for the president, recently remarked, “Everything is great with his health.” His administration’s “beginning of the end” is supposedly on the line if he admits defeat in Ukraine, and “despondency” is rumored to exist among his top officials while new choices are discussed.

The use of tactical nuclear weapons is one option, as is the formation of a second front in a neutral country like Kazakhstan. It is also reported that the issue of returning the occupied regions of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, and Kharkiv to Ukraine has been addressed. According to the General SVR Telegram group, military leaders are frustrated with Putin’s actions for causing so many casualties.

What Did The Cia Director Say About Putin’s Health?

The CIA director has stated that no evidence suggests that Putin is unstable or sick. William Burns joked that he looked “too healthy” and said there was no evidence to support this. Despite a previously reported recording of an oligarch with ties to Vladimir Putin claiming that the Russian President is “extremely ill with blood cancer,” the current situation remains unchanged.

Mr. Burns, a former ambassador to Moscow, claims to have known and dealt with the Russian leader for over two decades. At the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado, he remarked, “There are many rumors concerning President Putin’s health, and as far as we can determine, he’s completely too well.” After hearing the laughing, he clarified that this was not a scientific evaluation of IQ.

What Has The Russian Officer Said About Putin’s Health?

According to a Russian officer quoted in the Sunday Mirror, “We are told he is suffering from headaches, and when he goes on TV, he requires sheets of paper with everything written in enormous letters to read what he’s going to say.” This is despite the claims made by the CIA director. Each page can only fit a few words because they are so large. His eyesight is deteriorating rapidly, he says. The spy further noted that Putin’s “now also shaking uncontrollably” limbs.

What Did The Oligarch Reportedly Say About Vladimir Putin?

The oligarch is said to have confided in a Western venture capitalist about Putin’s health. According to New Lines Magazine, the Western businessman taped the chat without the other person’s knowledge or consent. No one knows the oligarch’s identity for his safety. He is heard saying, “He utterly damaged Russia’s economy, Ukraine’s economy, and many other economies – ruined them absolutely,” on a recording that likely took place in March.

His mental state is the main issue. Only one crazy person is needed to alter the status quo completely. The 11-minute audio of their talk was deleted by the venture capitalist because of his disgust with the war in Ukraine. According to Forbes, the oligarch reportedly stays abroad despite being one of Russia’s 200 wealthiest citizens. He referred to Putin’s conflict in Ukraine as “crazy,” and I agree.

What Is Vladimir Putin’s Net Worth?

Russian politician Vladimir Putin has a net worth of $70 billion. He has served as President and Prime Minister of Russia, and his career has garnered him a reputation for controversy worldwide. Beginning his second term in 2012, he is currently Russia’s President.

When Was Vladimir Putin Born?


Born on October 7, 1952, in Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a member of the Putin family (what is now Saint Petersburg). Vladimir Spiridonovich’s father, Maria, worked in a factory, while his father, Vladimir, served in the Soviet Navy. His interest in martial arts began at a young age, and he now holds a black belt in Judo in addition to his sambo training.

He has excellent German skills because he studied Spanish at Saint Petersburg High School 281. To get his law degree, Putin attended Leningrad State University (not Saint Petersburg University) and left in 1975. He met Anatoly Sobchak, a co-author of the Russian constitution and a university assistant professor of commercial law, during his time in college. Putin’s career owes a great deal to his guidance.

What Was Putin’s Job Before Becoming The President Of Russia?

Putin’s political career began with a 16-year tenure in the KGB after he completed his law degree. He attended the 401st KGB Academy in Okhta, Leningrad, for his training. In 1984, he was transferred from his post in Leningrad, where he had been keeping an eye on diplomats and other foreigners, to the Yuri Andropov Red Banner Institute in Moscow.

After that, he served in Dresden, East Germany, between 1985 and 1990 while pretending to be a translator. When the Communist regime in East Germany fell, he moved there, eventually taking a job in the International Affairs department at Leningrad State University, where he ran up Anatoly Sobchak again.

Putin claims that he resigned from the KGB on the second day of the 1991 coup attempt against then-President Mikhail Gorbachev because he disagreed with what had happened and no longer wanted to be part of the intelligence operation of the new post-revolution regime.

The professor from whom he had learned so much, Sobchak, was soon elected mayor of Leningrad, and Putin was put in charge of the Mayor’s Office’s Committee on External Relations.

After that, he worked his way up through the ranks of politics and government. Putin was named Director of the Federal Security Service (FSB), the successor to the KGB and the premier intelligence and security institution of the Russian Federation, by then-President Boris Yeltsin in July 1998.

On August 9, 1999, Yeltsin designated him acting Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation, and later that day, when Yeltsin expressed his desire to have Putin as his successor, Putin agreed to run for the president. From 2000 to 2008, he served as president. 1999–2000 and 2008–2012 saw Putin serving as Russia’s prime minister.

Putin’s reputation as a divisive leader has grown over the years. His approach to human rights and foreign policy concerns is widely panned by other international leaders and political professionals. The conditions under which he has remained in power in Russia have been deemed “undemocratic” by many in the West.

Though Putin took office as President of Russia in 1999 after Boris Yeltsin unexpectedly resigned, he has maintained moderate support among the Russian people.

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