Priscilla Block’s Weight Loss: How Did She Do It?

Priscilla Block Weight Loss: Priscilla Block is a country music singer and songwriter from the United States. Her song “Just About Over You” went viral on TikTok, and Nashville music signed her to a deal to re-release it under their label. This is how she got her start in the music world. Later, in 2022, the album “Welcome to the Block Party” became a chartbuster. She is also well-known for her promotional singles such as “Thick Thighs,” “PMS,” and “I bet you want to know.” Priscilla was also nominated for the Academy of Country Music and CMT Music Awards.

Almost everyone knows about Priscilla Block’s accomplishments, but few know about her weight loss journey. She shed roughly 15kgs in less than two years and has maintained her weight. She went from weighing approximately 70 kg to 55 kg. She is still attempting to reduce weight to become in shape. Losing weight is difficult, but maintaining that weight is a significant accomplishment. Her weight reduction quest is more concerned with how to keep the weight off than with how to lose weight.

Priscilla Block Weight Loss

Priscilla tried to reduce weight from the beginning but failed every time due to her obsession with junk food. According to her, there is a widespread fallacy in the country music industry that you must lose weight and be thin to achieve popularity and success. As a result, she desired to reduce weight to succeed in the music industry.

She attempted to lose weight multiple times by managing her diet and trying various exercises, but she was unsuccessful. But, with her incredible mental fortitude, she later devised a healthy eating plan. She began doing high-intensity workouts regularly to lose weight in such a short period.

Priscilla Block Weight Loss
Priscilla Block Weight Loss

Although she wished to reduce weight from the start, she now believes that everyone is perfect in their way and that one does not need to be thin to make it in the profession. “It’s nice that I can potentially encourage other people who want to land in country music and let them know that they don’t have to fit into a box,” Priscilla remarked in an interview.

“Some people see it [her curves] as a setback,” she continued. It is an asset, in my opinion. ‘Hey, I can talk about things that maybe people aren’t talking about and hopefully inspire people along the way,’ says the author. Furthermore, she shared a video on Instagram discussing this and her connection to the song “Thick Thighs.”

How Did Priscilla Block Lose Weight?

Things were quite plain to Priscilla block from the start. She believed that losing weight was necessary for success in the industry. As a result, she began looking for strategies to lose weight but failed every time. She eventually adopted a balanced diet and began focusing on regular exercise. Priscilla lost a small amount of weight, but the real inspiration comes from how she maintained herself after losing weight. People can lose weight, but sustaining oneself after losing weight is difficult.

As a result, many people gain weight quickly after reaching their goals. This is not true of Priscilla. She kept herself together even after she lost weight. She appears to be quite joyful and lively in her recent Instagram images. She, like Chrissy Metz, does not want to lose any more weight and instead advises her admirers to embrace themselves as they are and continue to do what their hearts tell them to do. She is more concerned with staying healthy than with losing weight.

Priscilla Block Weight Loss Surgery

Many individuals reported that Priscilla underwent weight-loss surgery. It was due to her extreme weight loss. You can imagine how Priscilla Block lost more than 30 pounds in such a short period. It’s no surprise that several people claimed Block had bariatric surgery to lose weight.

Priscilla Block Diet Plan

Priscilla brick was very concerned with her diet. Because of her previous failures, she hired a dietitian to help her with her diet plan. She began avoiding junk food and consuming low-carb and low-calorie foods to aid her weight loss goal. Her presumptive diet plan changed from day to day.

  • Breakfast: Sandwiches and eggs
  • Lunch: Leafy vegetables, soup, salads, and a type of meaty fish are all options.
  • Snacks for the evening: Fruits (sometimes), green tea/coffee
  • Dinner: Steak chicken, cooked veggies


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Her daily eating plan used to include a variety of foods. However, she followed a food plan similar to this one, which aided her in her weight loss quest. She also drank a lot of water, which kept her hydrated throughout the day. She began eating items she liked in moderation after losing the ideal weight. A restricted portion is always the key to healthy living.

Priscilla Block Workout Plan

Little is known about Priscilla Block’s regular fitness routine. She used to run for at least 10 minutes on a treadmill. Aside from that, she used to do low-intensity activities like rope jumping, burpees, and aerobics. She never recommends high-intensity workouts since people should not do something they do not enjoy.

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