Nicole Nafziger Weight Loss: Who is Nicole Nafziger Dating? Who is Her Boyfriend?

Nicole Nafziger Weight Loss: On November 8, 1993, according to the Gregorian calendar, Nicole Nafziger was born. She was born in Bradenton, Florida, and is a citizen of the United States. Nicole, currently 27 years old, was born under the sign of Scorpio. Regarding her parents’ names, Tyler Nafziger is her father, and Robblee Nafziger is her mother.

Nicole includes Ashley Nafziger, who is her sister. She is primarily preparing for her mother and her family as a whole. Unfortunately, there is no information available on her academic background. She acknowledged that she might be a graduate, nevertheless.

Nicole Nafziger’s Weight Loss Journey

During the episode, Nicole began her weight reduction quest, and fans saw a gradual change in Nicole’s look. “My maximum weight was 296 pounds. That was all, Nafziger said to the interviewer. I’ve had enough, she continued. I was prepared for a shift. I, therefore, began my current weight loss journey. One of my best life choices has been made.

Nafziger set off on this trip. To realize her ambition, she drastically altered her way of life. Nicole had been considering losing weight for a very long time, as was previously revealed. She didn’t want to throw away this opportunity when the timing was right.

She excelled at it and gave it her all. Nicole developed a balanced diet and exercise regimen with the assistance of her trainer. That turned out to be beneficial for her.

Nicole’s Diet Plan

Nafziger adhered to the keto diet regimen. This diet aims to acquire as many calories from protein and fat as feasible. This diet plan reduces the intake of carbohydrates. For breakfast, Nafziger would have an omelet. Her go-to lunch option was usually fried salmon fillets in olive oil.

Nicole Nafziger Weight Loss
Nicole Nafziger Weight Loss

She substantially reduced sugar consumption as well. Nicole made an effort to eat fewer calories while concentrating on burning more. And that turned out to be a pretty effective tactic.

Nicole’s Workout Plan

Nafziger joined a gym at the suggestion of her 90-Day Fiance. Where she would exercise daily for more than an hour, her primary interest was weightlifting. She began practicing yoga to reduce her weight and calm her thoughts. Nicole would also take long morning strolls

Nicole on Weight Loss Surgery

Nafziger has also had repeated recommendations to have surgery due to her weight. However, she has not made this choice since she deems it too hazardous. Sincerity is damned, I’ve considered it once or twice, but I’m afraid my mental control over food decisions isn’t strong enough to keep me from hurting myself or undoing the benefit the surgery accomplished for me.

Nicole’s Comments on Her Weight Loss Journey

She appears to be quite enthusiastic about her weight loss endeavor. That she “would discover the perfect balance” for herself gives her optimism. Nafziger has continued to drop weight and intends to do so further. Darcey Silva, a season one 90 Day Fiance star who battled obesity for an extended period, has shed 100 pounds.

Nicole Nafziger Career

Nicole gained notoriety for appearing in the fourth season of TLC’s “90 Day Fiance.” She or he also runs a beauty salon and is a bourgeois. She is, therefore, heavily active in cosmetics and beauty. She met Azan Tefou during her “90 Day Fiance” period for the very first time.

Recently, she has made headlines for participating in the program with her fiancé, Azan. She is regarded for revealing her weight reduction struggle and claiming that her father was an inspiration.

Nicole Nafziger Married, Husband, And Dating

Nicole is dating Azan Tefal, a young man, geologically. She includes Mary, a girl from her previous relationship. Since Azan was active in public PDA due to his faith and culture, she and Azan had a dual hurdle in overcoming their divergent beliefs on PDA. Azan also lamented the fact that she is “a tiny little bit” overweight.


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Later, she realized that she had betrayed Azan. But the two managed to resolve their issues. Later, Azan organized a desert wedding as well. She was also seen leaving for Morocco after Azan’s K-1 visa was rejected in the hopes that she would marry him and get him spousal access so he could migrate to the USA. The two, however, decided to postpone their wedding.

The pair continues traveling despite the distance. However, they reside in several different nations. She has also refuted speculations that they must separate or won’t wed. But she told her Instagram followers in September 2019 that she and Azan were still dating but had no immediate plans to match.

But in March 2020, she left for Morocco and met with Azan again. After months of speculation, she revealed that they would end their relationship in July 2021.

Nicole Nafziger Body Measurements

She is now following a rigorous diet and maintaining her current weight loss practices despite weighing 120 kg. Nicole stands 5′ 6″ tall, and her eyes are blue in hue. She also has gorgeous blonde hair. She is pretty adorable because of her full cheeks. Sadly, her other physical measurements are not made known to the general world.

Nicole Nafziger Social Media

Her Instagram account, @alwayssnicole, now has over 682K followers. Additionally, her Twitter account now has 19.1K followers. Similarly, her Facebook profile now has more than 121K fans.

Nicole Nafziger’s Net worth

Nicole’s estimated net worth is $300,000. She made a career as a businesswoman via her television shows. She also wants to advance professionally in the future.

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