Zuckerberg Takes on Musk in an Epic Cage Fight: “Send Me Location”

Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have agreed to square off in a cage match that will pit the two billionaire CEOs of big tech businesses against one another. We’ll have to wait and see if the two tech titans are kidding.

On Wednesday, Musk challenged Meta’s founder to a “cage match” if he’s up for it in response to a commenter discussing the company’s intentions to create a Twitter competitor. In response to a screenshot of the tweet, Zuckerberg wrote in a story on Instagram, which Meta owns, “Send me location.”

Mark Zuckerberg Agrees to Fight Elon Musk in Cage Match

Musk, Twitter’s executive chair and chief technology officer, proposed the “Vegas Octagon” as the location for their billionaire brawl, likely referring to the UFC Apex in Las Vegas. In addition, he added in jest that he had a “move” he calls the “Walrus” in which he lies on top of his opponent while doing nothing.

The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla stated in a letter that he would comply “if this is for real.” A spokeswoman for Meta told CBS News on the altercation, “The story speaks for itself.”

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Musk is a few inches taller than Zuckerberg, but it’s unknown what kind of fighter he is, and he claims to work out very little. Zuckerberg, however, recently took first place and second place in his first jiu-jitsu competition. The Meta founder was captured in six images tussling with several opponents during the Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition in May.

It’s uncertain whether either businessman is sincere about the match. Whether it occurs or not, talk about the probable battle that has already spread. Jake Paul, a pro boxer and social media sensation, promised Musk he would “gladly promote” it. You check out the Tweet.


The business executives who have publicly argued about their platforms don’t seem to be on good terms. Musk has toyed with Zuckerberg on his platform and criticized the Metaverse. Meanwhile, Zuckerberg said in a podcast he believes Twitter should have a “billion people using it.”

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