YouTube Reportedly Testing New Video Progress Bar On Android!

YouTube Reportedly Testing New Video Progress Bar On Android: This white bar appears on more Android devices and accounts, including Incognito. This is still only available in the black theme, and it seems to be an effort to provide a less distracting user interface for YouTube.

Reportedly being tested on Android is a new, less intrusive video progress indicator from the video-sharing network YouTube that isn’t always red. As reported by 9To5Google, the pristine white progress bar appears on several Android devices, including Incognito.

This affects dark themes, but it seems to be an attempt to make YouTube less overwhelming overall (UI). According to the study, the platform’s progress bar changes from its typical red color to white or grey when the dark theme is enabled while viewers passively watch a video.

YouTube Reportedly Testing New Video Progress Bar On Android
YouTube Reportedly Testing New Video Progress Bar On Android

In the meantime, the video-sharing website announced an overhaul in October that will divide all channel pages’ video material into three separate tabs: Shorts, live streams, and long-form videos. The revamped channel pages make it simpler for users to find videos that cater to their specific interests.

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The YouTube progress bar is white/gray instead of red on one of our Android smartphones when you’re passively watching a video with a dark theme enabled. Additionally, YouTube does not keep track of the progress of a video’s download in such cases.

A return to the pre-loading state is implemented when the scrubber is interacted with or when the controls are accessed through touch. YouTube’s Ambient mode is an example of this effort to make the UI disappear.

Because the color red is still utilized for the mainstream and everywhere else, it is evident that the update’s focus remains on the video itself and the viewing experience. It’s safe to say that red won’t be replaced as YouTube’s primary accent color anytime soon.

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