Will Magnum PI Season 5 Premiere in 2023?

Magnum PI Season 5: Instead of airing on CBS, Season 5 of Magnum PI will be on NBC. When is the question? Will the new season come out in 2023, or do we have to wait?

We were sad when we heard that CBS had stopped making Magnum PI. The ratings weren’t too bad, and we loved what we watched on Friday nights. Even though Fire Country has been an excellent addition to the schedule, we still miss seeing Magnum and Higgins in action.

The good news is that NBC fixed it. It wasn’t on the network’s schedule for the fall, though. That didn’t come as a surprise since the pickup didn’t happen until June. There wasn’t enough time to prepare everything for a premiere in September or October.

What about a year like 2023? Will we wait until 2023–2024, or will episodes come out this winter or spring?

Will Magnum PI Season 5 Premiere in 2023?

Magnum PI Season 5
Magnum PI Season 5

There are some excellent pieces of news. NBC has said that Season 5 of Magnum PI will start in the new year. Once the year begins, you don’t even have to wait that long.

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On Sunday, Feb. 19, we’ll get the first episode of the season. This change to Sundays is one reason the show didn’t come back in January as planned. Sundays are for football, and award plays in the year’s first half. On the second Sunday of February, the Super Bowl takes over. So, it’s best to put off Sunday shows until the middle of that month.

The show will be paired with The Blacklist, returning for its 10th season on NBC. At 8 p.m. ET/PT, The Blacklist will be on, and at 9 p.m. ET/PT, Magnum PI Season 5 will start. Why wouldn’t you like it?

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