What Was Kitty O’neil Cause of De@th?

On what would have been her 77th birthday, the Google Doodle for today pays tribute to American stuntwoman Kitty O’Neil.

The doodle, created by Meeya Tijang, a deaf artist, shows O’Neil holding a blue helmet while donning her trademark yellow racing costume.

O’Neil’s career as a racing driver was cut short because of health issues that caused her to lose hearing as a child. Kitty, known as “the quickest lady in the world,” died on November 2, 2018, at 72.

What Was Kitty O’neil’s Cause of Death?

O’Neil passed away from pneumonia, which is the swelling of lung tissue. She had no close relatives when she passed away at a hospital in Eureka, South Dakota.

Kitty O’Neil Cause of Death

After a glittering stunt career, she relocated to South Dakota in 1993 with her companion, Raymond Wald, to begin a quiet life. O’Neil had no children with other partners, and the two were childless.

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Kitty was born deaf after being diagnosed with measles, mumps, and smallpox at the same time when she was five months old. The high fever led to hearing loss and death-threatening situations.

O’Neil was battling cancer in her 20s and training to become a prospective Olympic platform diver. That didn’t confine her to a bed; O’Neil went motorcycle and car racing since she was thrill-seeking.

After a bike accident in 1972, she lost two fingers, which stuntman and fellow racer Ronald “Duffy” Hambleton helped her reattach at the hospital.

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