Veteran Brazilian Surfer ‘Mad Dog’ Marcio Freire Dies In Giant Wave!

Marcio Freire Dies: Márcio Freire, a famous surfer from Brazil, died while riding the big waves in Nazaré, off the coast of Portugal. Thursday, the 47-year-old fell while practicing. Freire was one of three pioneering Brazilian surfers shown in the 2016 documentary Mad Dogs, which was about an attempt to ride the vast “Jaws” wave in Hawaii.

He moved to the US to surf the world’s most giant and dangerous waves. Reports say that Freire was practicing tow-in surfing when he fell. In tow-in surfing, surfers use artificial help, like a Jet Ski, to catch faster-moving waves than they could if they paddled by hand.

He was brought back to the beach, where rescuers found him in cardiorespiratory arrest. They tried to revive him, but they couldn’t, and he was pronounced dead at the scene, according to a statement from Portugal’s National Maritime Authority.

Marcio Freire Dies
Marcio Freire Dies

Freire was known in the surfing world as a big-wave pioneer who went all over the world to surf big waves. “We weren’t safe at all. It took a lot of courage and the desire to ride a big wave, “Surfer Today quotes him in his book Mad Dogs.

“Without proper safety, there were a lot of risks. If there were an accident, the trip would come to an end. “We didn’t have to do what we did. It was all for ourselves, to make ourselves happy.” On social media, people have been posting tributes to Freire.

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Nic von Rupp, a fellow professional big-wave surfer, was the first to do so in an Instagram story: “We lost one of ours today. I’ve always looked up to Márcio because he was one of the first paddle surfers at Jaws. I saw him surfing all day with a big smile in Nazare today.

“I’ll remember him for that smile,” she said. Fellow Thiago Jacare, a Brazilian surfer, also wrote about his friend on Instagram. He called him “more than an idol” and “a true hero.” The Nazaré Canyon on the seabed off the coast of Portugal causes some of the biggest and scariest waves in the world to hit the area where Freire died.

Sebastian Steudtner, a German surfer, set the record for the most significant wave ever surfed in Nazaré in October 2020. There have been many accidents, but until Thursday, none of them had ever killed anyone. If you find this interesting, please forward it to your friends. Visit for the most up-to-date and recent celebrity news.



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