Tragedy Strikes Indiana Home: Father Deαd And Two Children Injured in Grenade Explosion!

Authorities say that on Saturday, a grenade exploded in the home of a father in Indiana, ki!!ing him and injuring his two children.

On Sunday, Bryan Niedert, 47, was revealed to be the deceased by the Lake County Coroner’s Office. “Injuries, cause, and manner of deαth are all pending,” the statement said.

An explosion was reported in the 3400 block of West Lakeshore Drive at approximately 6:30 p.m., prompting the Lake County Sheriff’s Department to respond.

Father Killed, Two Children Injured In Grenade Explosion

While sorting through a grandfather’s possessions, the family discovered the hand grenade at the northwest Indiana residence. According to the sheriff’s department, the device reportedly exploded when someone pulled its pin.

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The dad was found unconscious, and authorities pronounced him dead. Both of his children, a boy of 17 and a girl of 18, were injured by shrapnel and taken to the hospital.

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According to the sheriff’s department, the area was secured after the Porter County B0mb Squad arrived to check for additional explosive devices.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Department has not concluded their investigation.

According to the coroner’s office, Niedert’s remains were to be subjected to an autopsy on Monday.

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