Todd Field Credits Tom Cruise for Saving His Film!

Todd Field Credits: When his critically acclaimed drama “Tár” hit film festivals last fall, it had been nearly 15 years since Todd Field’s previous movie. Now that he’s on the awards circuit, Field has talked about the problems he’s had with his projects, including the issues that came up with his first movie, “In the Bedroom,” and how Tom Cruise helped him through them.

Field said in a profile for The New Yorker that he was heartbroken when Miramax bought “In the Bedroom” after its debut at Sundance in the early weeks of 2001. Harvey Weinstein, a former Hollywood producer later found guilty of sexual assault, was in charge of the banner at the time.

He had a bad reputation for taking films away from creatives and putting them back in the editing room. Field said, “I was crying in the bathroom.” “I called Tom Cruise and told him, ‘Something bad has happened,'” he said. He told them, “This is how you’ll play it. It will take you six months, but you will beat him if you do exactly what I tell you to do, one step at a time.”

Cruise had been a producer before, so he made a plan that included letting Weinstein re-edit “In the Bedroom” and betting that the new version would do poorly at preview screenings. The field could then point to the good reviews the film got at Sundance to argue that it should be shown in its original form.

Todd Field Credits Tom Cruise for Saving His Film!
Todd Field Credits Tom Cruise for Saving His Film!

Field said that he did what Cruise told him to do. The rest is history. The following year, “In the Bedroom” was nominated for five Oscars, including one for best picture. Field and Cruise had worked together before on “Eyes Wide Shut,” Stanley Kubrick’s last movie.

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During the interview, Field talked about how, while they were working on the erotic drama, Cruise told him to keep trying to make movies. The New York Film Critics Circle, the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, and the National Society of Film Critics all gave Field awards for best direction for “Tár,” which starred Cate Blanchett.

The director is currently trying to get nominated for best director at the Academy Awards, which will be held on Jan. 24. You are everything I ever dreamed of and more.” Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website and get all the recent updates.

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