TikTok Food Critic Taylor LeJeune Dies at 33!

Taylor LeJeune Dies: Taylor LeJeune, who went by the name wafffler69 on TikTok, died unexpectedly at age 33, his brother said on Wednesday. LeJeune lived in Louisiana, and his 1.7 million TikTok followers knew him for posting videos of himself eating strange foods.

On TikTok, he used three f’s in his username, but on other sites, he only used two (waffler69). Clayton Claydorm, Taylor’s brother, said in a TikTok video, “My brother Taylor died around 10 p.m. on January 11, 2023, from what we think was a heart attack.

He was taken to the hospital immediately, but I think he died about an hour and a half later. This is not very old yet. I don’t know what will happen soon, but I thought I should tell everyone on TikTok.

In a message to NBC News on Thursday, Claydorm said that his brother had died. He said their mother had called him and told him LeJeune couldn’t breathe and needed to go to the hospital. Claydorm noted that he was picked up by an ambulance and died at the hospital.

Claydorm said LeJeune’s grandfathers and his father died of heart failure before they turned 50. Claydorm put a link to a GoFundMe page in his TikTok bio to help his mother, who he said “had to pay for my brother’s cremation as well as his medical bills,” get some money back.

Taylor LeJeune Dies
Taylor LeJeune Dies

LeJeune became popular on TikTok by posting videos of himself eating weird foods and snacks like canned beef tripe and fried grasshoppers. Some videos that got the most views showed him eating old food.

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He eventually made his own “Waffler’s Creole Rice and All-Purpose Seasoning” and started selling stuff on Etsy. One of his followers suggested that he eat a Big Fruit Loop dipped in a bowl of milk in his last TikTok video, which he posted two days ago.

When fans heard that wafffler69 had died, they shared how much they loved him. “I’m so happy you brought your happy energy to us. So many people, including me, will miss you. “Rest easy,” someone said in the description of his most recent TikTok video.

Stefan Johnson, who also helped make TikTok, was sad about the death. “I am devastated, “he said in an online comment. “This person was nice. A damn good guy. Rest up, dude!”

Claydorm said that seeing how people respond is “moving.” “My brother was always alone, but he made it on TikTok by himself and was surrounded by people who cared about his death,” he told NBC News, adding, “Seeing thousands of people feel real loss is moving.

He asked wafffler69’s fans to show how much they liked his brother by watching wafffler69’s videos again and sharing them. Claydorm said in the TikTok video, “Please keep his name alive.” “Watch what he does have out there. Don’t let him die. He liked to make other people happy.

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