Teen Dies After Falling Off Moab Rim Trail!

A teen from Moab, Utah, died Friday afternoon after falling to her death while hiking the Moab Rim Trail in the Kane Creek Canyon region, according to the Moab City Police Department.

According to authorities, the 17-year-old plummeted 30 feet off a sheer cliff face after slipping while trekking with a group of pals. Her companions attempted to assist her and contacted 911, but there was no way to do so in a secure manner.

The teen has been identified by her school district and the Moab City Police Department as Zoe McKinney.

Quickly arriving, search and rescue teams climbed to the area above the teen. According to the authorities, they were able to rappel down to the victim using harnesses and climbing equipment with ropes.

However, Zoe had already passed away due to the fall, and rescuers spent the following two hours trying to find her body, according to the police.

“The Moab Police Department wants to extend our heartfelt condolences to her family and friends,” Moab Police Chief Jared Garcia said.

The loss of a cherished young woman and friend has a tragic effect on this small community, but he continued, “We know that the lovely people of Moab will band together to assist and comfort her family and friends at this time.”

The rescue efforts also included the assistance of the Grand County Sheriff’s Office, Grand County Search and Rescue, Moab Fire, and EMS.

The Grand County School District said it was “grieving with Zoe’s family” and providing “love and support in any way we can” to the community and students, the district posted on Facebook.

It also said therapists would be available at school on Monday.

“Zoe was a remarkable student, and we will honor her memory throughout the remainder of this senior year,” the school district said.

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