Supreme Court Orders Title 42 To Remain In Place!

Supreme Court Orders Title 42 To Remain In Place: On Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court upheld the Trump administration’s controversial Title 42 border policy. By a vote of 5-4, the Supreme Court overturned a lower court’s ruling last month that the border program must be terminated.

The program was set to expire this week, so the court’s decision is in response to an emergency request made by 19 Republican state attorneys. Justice Neil Gorsuch, a conservative on the court, joined the four liberals in voting to overturn the order keeping Title 42 in effect.

On the other hand, Gorsuch said in a dissenting opinion that “the current border crisis is not a COVID catastrophe.” And courts should not be involved in prolonging administrative edicts established for one exigency only because elected politicians have failed to solve a second emergency, he said.

We are the law, not the final arbiters of social policy. Oral arguments in the case have been scheduled for February, and a ruling is due in June, both of which were announced by the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

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The stay issued by the high court will remain in place until a judgment is issued. Still, it does not prevent the Biden administration from discontinuing the policy (though the White House has not indicated it will do so).

The Trump administration’s Title 42 policy will be introduced in the upcoming 2020 spring. In a public health emergency, it authorizes border officers to reject asylum requests from migrants. Immigration groups have voiced harsh criticism of the program, arguing that it is cruel, immoral, and no longer necessary because of the lifting of mass epidemic limitations in the United States.

But Republicans and officials from border states say ending the program will allow a flood of migrants to enter in a year when the number of migrants encountered by authorities has reached a record high. Please share this with your friends if you find it interesting. Visit for more celebrity updates and breaking news.



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