Rihanna Announces Return of Fenty x Puma Collaboration!

She is back now! Rihanna’s return to the fold at the venerable sportswear company was all it needed for Puma to make the announcement.

The words “She’s Returning.” were printed in beige on the mysterious, all-black picture uploaded on Puma’s prominent Instagram and its style Instagram.

The Fenty and Puma logos were also printed underneath the words in the same hue. The caption was just modified to read “Coming soon,” without any indication of when exactly that will be.

The musician and the company have a lengthy relationship. The fashion legend took over as the company’s creative director in 2014.

During that time, she debuted in the fashion industry with a line of highly sought-after shoes like the renowned fluffy slides and displayed her talent with many New York Fashion Week shows.


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In 2017, six years after her first collaboration with the company, Rihanna debuted a diverse catwalk collection of original athleisure and schoolwear fusion designs.

She started her ground-breaking beauty line, Fenty Beauty, the same year she released her most recent collection, offering a then-unprecedented 40 foundation tones in more shades than all of her rivals combined.

With the launch of her brand Fenty under luxury giant LVMH, Rihanna resumed her journey into the heights of the fashion industry after her final collection with Puma and during her development as a beauty entrepreneur.

The singer-turned-fashion designer accomplished a milestone by leading a premium brand for an international corporation as the first Black woman. However, due to declining sales, it was forced to close two years later.

This news follows the artist’s successful year. The celebrity scheduled a performance on the most excellent stage in the world when she sang at the Super Bowl Halftime Show last month after giving birth to a child with A$AP Rocky in May.

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Before appearing on the cover of British Vogue with her partner and their child, the actress performed solo when she revealed she was expecting her second child in a head-to-toe red ensemble.

It’s unclear what this new project from Puma and Rihanna will look like or when it will be released, but fans are already voicing their excitement about the future collection. Comments include things like, “That Rihanna reign, don’t let up!” and “QUEEN IS BACK.”

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