Quebec’s Fred La Marmotte Found Dead on Groundhog Day!

He was unable to foresee this. When he was discovered dead just before the annual weather prediction ceremony on Thursday, Canadian groundhog Fred la Marmotte surprised the crowd in Quebec.

To the dismay of those assembled at Val-d’Espoir who eagerly anticipated a springtime forecast from Fred, officials broke the tragic news. Roberto Blondin, the event’s organizer, said at la Jour de Fred, or Fred’s day, “In life, the only thing that’s certain is that nothing is certain,”

“Well, this year, it’s true. It’s sadly true. I announce to you that Fred is dead.” Fred, age 9, was discovered dead overnight, but authorities think he might have passed away during hibernation a few weeks before Groundhog Day.

Quebec's Fred La Marmotte Found Dead on Groundhog Day
Quebec’s Fred La Marmotte Found Dead on Groundhog Day

Although the century-old North American custom states that if a groundhog sees his shadow, winter will endure an extra six weeks, and if the rodent can’t, spring will arrive early, the legend doesn’t discuss what a dead Fred implies.

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However, Quebec officials were determined to uphold tradition despite the animal’s passing. Blondin provided a child in the crowd with a stuffed toy replica of Fred to do the task. The shadow from the toy indicated that “spring is delayed” in the Canadian territory.

According to Global News, Blondin declared that the yearly celebration, which began in 2009, would continue the following year with Fred Junior as his replacement.

Staten Island Chuck made a springtime forecast for New York City while Punxsutawney Phil gave Pennsylvania some negative news: six more weeks of winter. 

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