Peter Khill Receives 8-Year Pr!son Sentence For Jon Styres’ Sh00ting!

In federal court, Peter Khill was sentenced to eight years for the m*rder of Six Nations man Jon Styres.

On Tuesday, in front of a packed courtroom in Hamilton, Ontario, Justice Andrew Goodman handed down Khill’s sentence for the sh00ting of Styres seven years ago in Khill’s driveway.

In the middle of the night in February 2016, then-26-year-old Khill awoke to sounds outdoors. He retrieved his shotgun from the closet, loaded shells from his bedside drawer, and exited the house.

He confronted Styres as the 29-year-old father of two broke into the truck and sh0t him twice, ki!!ing him.

Khill was accused of second-degree m*rder but argued his actions were justified. The jury returned its verdict of manslaughter against him in December.

Khill’s defense attorney asked for the minimum punishment of four years in jail for manslaughter with a handgun. The government has asked for a 10-year pr!son sentence.

A 22-year-old Cree man named Colton Boushie was sh0t and ki!!ed in Saskatchewan in 2016, and this high-profile case has drawn attention because it parallels that incident. A jury acquitted the defendant of second-degree m*rder charges.

Sentence To Discourage ‘Brazen Ki!!ing of Intruders’

On Tuesday, Goodman argued that Khill should spend double the minimum sentence since his acts were neither an acc!dent nor justified by self-defense. The courtroom was filled with relatives of both Styres’ and Khill’s families.

Khill, the judge added, might have phoned 911 and given the situation more thought before “decided to arm himself and gain control.”

“It was indeed Peter who failed to avoid the final, fatal confrontation.”

It will also deter others from “taking the law into their own hands” and “brazenly killing of intruders,” as Goodman put it.

This case is a “sorrowing tragedy,” he considered the impact of Styres’s deἀth on the Six Nations and Styres’s loved ones.

Peter Khill Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison For Shooting Death

At his sentencing hearing, Lindsay Hill, Styres’s partner, testified about telling their young girls that someone had sh0t and ki!!ed their father.

“To tell them daddy is dead is excruciating and still breaks my heart,” Hill stated. “Hearing my daughter say when she was four she wanted to die so she could go see daddy is terrible.”

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Khill addressed the media following her sentencing on Tuesday.

She remarked, “There’s a little comfort knowing [the sentence] it’s going to be eight years.” “But it feels like a drop in the bucket.”

Mark Hill said, elected chief of Six Nations of the Grand River, there is still a lot of healing in the Indigenous community, and this sentence was a start.

“What is it that can make a bigger positive impact not just to this specific case and the community of Six Nations, but in this country of Canada that has seen an extensive number of cases like these that have gone with families getting no justice?”

An ‘Atrocious’ Ordeal

Goodman stated that he considered “significant” mitigating factors given by Khill’s defense, including that Khill had no prior criminal record and showed regret for taking Styres’ life during a sentencing hearing.

To back up his claims, Goodman noted that Khill’s 57 character references were the most he had ever seen professionally.

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Khill’s wife Melinda and their two daughters have been subjected to harassment, defamation, financial ruin, and emotional misery, given by the judge. Her husband dabbed at his eyes.

“This ordeal has been an atrocious stain on our existence,” Melinda wrote.

Khill was on trial for the third time for Styres’s m*rder. The Crown appealed the jury’s 2018 verdict of not guilty for the former reserve member. A problem that began in November 2018 and concluded in a mistrial was rescheduled by the Supreme Court to start in 2021.

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