Paul Mescal To Reportedly Star In Gladiator Sequel!

Paul Mescal To Reportedly Star In Gladiator Sequel: Normal people get in trouble Paul Mescal is in talks to play the leading role in Ridley Scott’s late follow-up to the hit movie Gladiator from 2000. The 26-year-old actor would play Lucius, who is Lucilla’s son.

In the first movie, Lucilla was played by Connie Nielsen. Scott said in late 2021 that a script had already been written, calling it “a good, logical place to go” and adding that “there are enough pieces from the first one to pick up the ball and continue it.”

According to reports, the final draught was sent in November 2022, and after Scott and Mescal had “a fantastic meeting,” Scott became the top choice for the role. Gladiator was a massive worldwide hit in 2000. It made $460 million around the world and made Russell Crowe a star across the globe.

It got five Oscars, including best picture and best actor. Talk about a sequel or a prequel that started in 2001 but then stopped. Scott said Crowe wanted to come back even though his character was dead because he wanted to add something magical to the next movie.

Paul Mescal To Reportedly Star In Gladiator Sequel!
Paul Mescal To Reportedly Star In Gladiator Sequel!

Nick Cave was hired at one point to write the script for the film, in which Crowe’s character fights in both World War II and Vietnam. It was then thrown away. In 2021, Scott confirmed that the character Lucius would be the sequel’s focus.

The director’s next movie, Napoleon, will come out later this year on Apple TV+. Joaquin Phoenix, who played the bad guy in Gladiator, will play the French leader in the movie.

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After his part in the famous movie version of Sally Rooney’s novel Normal People, Mescal starred with Olivia Colman and Emily Watson in The Lost Daughter and God’s Creatures, and the father-daughter drama Aftersun got him praise and Oscar buzz.

Currently, he plays Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire at the Almeida theatre in London. He will next be seen on screen in the sci-fi thriller Foe with Saoirse Ronan, the musical Carmen, and Andrew Haigh’s high-concept fantasy drama Strangers with Claire Foy.

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