NVIDIA Updates Omniverse: NVIDIA Releases Major Update To Omniverse Enterprise!

NVIDIA Updates Omniverse: Now available, the newest version of NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise boasts improved performance, next-generation advancements in real-time RTX ray and path tracing, and streamlined workflows to aid in the creation of interconnected 3D pipelines and the creation and management of massive, physically accurate, virtual 3D worlds.

The additions cover a wide range of common Omniverse use cases, helping artists, designers, engineers, and developers perform things like aggregate disparate 3D data sets, create bespoke 3D pipeline tools, and generate artificial 3D data.

The latest GPU technologies, such as the NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation, NVIDIA L40, and OVX systems, can experience performance boosts of up to three times with this version, which supports the groundbreaking improvements found in the new NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture.

Included in the upgrade are new Omniverse Connectors, layer-based live workflows, an enhanced user experience, and a plethora of customization options such as multi-view ports, configurable hotkeys, lighting presets, and more.

Enhancing 3D Creation

There are now more resources available in the Omniverse ecosystem than ever before, empowering teams to improve their 3D workflows and run more realistic, in-engine simulations in real-time. Here are some of the newest additions:

NVIDIA Updates Omniverse NVIDIA Releases Major Update To Omniverse Enterprise!
NVIDIA Updates Omniverse NVIDIA Releases Major Update To Omniverse Enterprise!

New Connectors: Improved interoperability between different 3D programs is made possible by the new Omniverse Connectors. Omniverse Enterprise now has support for the Adobe Substance 3D Painter, Autodesk Alias, PTC Creo, and Kitware Paraview Omniverse Connectors. NX Software from Siemens Digital Industries allows users to simply export data modeled in NX.

Omniverse DeepSearch: Now available to the public, Omniverse DeepSearch is an AI-powered tool that enables teams to do intuitive searches across massive, untagged 3D databases using either natural language queries or 2D reference images. Unsearchable digital backlots and asset collections are now able to be efficiently mined to their full potential.

Omniverse Farm: Omniverse Farm now supports Kubernetes and has an updated UI with enhanced usability.

Omniverse Cloud: In order to better connect and manage globally dispersed teams, businesses may take advantage of the scalability and versatility offered by the Omniverse Cloud, which includes new cloud containers for AWS’s Enterprise Nucleus Server, Replicator, Farm, and Isaac Sim. Teams can keep full control of their data thanks to AWS’s security, identity, and access management policies. NVIDIA NGC now supports containers.

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Strengthening Core Components for Building 3D Worlds

Omniverse Enterprise was built with adaptability and scalability in mind. As a result, professionals in the fields of art, design, research, and engineering now have a simple means of linking resources and working on common projects in a unified digital environment.

The foundational features of the platform have been upgraded with Omniverse Enterprise, specifically: New templates and developer processes in the Omniverse Kit SDK make it simpler than ever to create cutting-edge tools and applications for the Omniverse.

By including NVIDIA DLSS 3 and multi-viewport functionality, we have made it simpler for Omniverse Enterprise users to smoothly engage with incredibly big and complicated scenes in Omniverse Create, our reference tool for constructing large-scale, USD-based environments.

The inspection and approval process within Omniverse View, a reference software for examining 3D sceneries, has been simplified. Stakeholder presentations are now easier and more dynamic than ever with new collaborative, real-time, interactive features such as markup, annotation, measurement, and straightforward navigation.

New and improved IT management capabilities are a part of Omniverse Nucleus, the database and collaboration engine. These include, for example, version control that can deal with atomic checkpoints on the server.

Improved hybrid workflows are possible with the modernized Large File Transfer service, which lets customers transfer data between servers locally or in the cloud. Customers may now deploy and maintain Nucleus in the cloud thanks to updated self-service deployment instructions for the Enterprise Nucleus Server on Amazon Web Services.

Customers Dive Into Omniverse Enterprise

Omniverse Enterprise has helped improve 3D workflows for a large number of customers throughout the world. As one of the world’s leading networks of marketing and advertising agencies, Dentsu International is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve its internal processes and provide a centralized hub for all of its finished projects.

Dentsu plans on integrating NVIDIA generative AI into its 3D design process via software development kits like Omniverse ACE and Audio2Face, in addition to upgrading existing workflows using Omniverse Enterprise.

The German luxury automobile manufacturer Mercedes Benz uses Omniverse Enterprise at its sites all over the world to map out and improve its production and assembly processes. Distributed teams can improve their ability to work together in real-time, make decisions more quickly, and cut down on waste, energy use, and sloppy quality control by creating high-fidelity digital twins of their production settings.

The architectural firm Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) is well-known for producing some of the most distinctive structures in the world. ZHA uses cutting-edge technology to design innovative public, private, and private residences.

The team may streamline its processes and save time with the help of Omniverse Enterprise, where they can also create their own applications. Our team is collaborating with NVIDIA to build the connecting infrastructure of our technology stack on top of Omniverse.

According to Zaha Hadid Architects’ associate director Shajay Bhooshan, “our goal is to keep design intent across the many project stages and boost efficiency.” To this end, “we expect NVIDIA Omniverse to play a vital, supporting role to our efforts to establish a platform that is agnostic, version-controlled, and a single source of truth for design data, as it progresses from idea to delivery.”

BOXX Technologies, Dell Technologies, Z by HP, and Lenovo, as well as channel partners Arrow, ASK, PNY, and Leadtek, all provide NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise subscriptions. The platform has been enhanced to work with the newest NVIDIA RTX Ada generation of desktop and mobile workstations and servers.

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