North West Transforms Into Dad Kanye West In TikTok Video Using Special Effects Makeup!

North West Transforms Into Dad Kanye: You’re “Bound 2” like how this TikTok video changed. North West dressed up as her dad, Kanye West, on Friday and posted about it on social media. She looked just like the controversial rapper.

For the clip, which was set to West’s “Bound 2,” the 9-year-old used her special effects makeup skills to give her face a goatee, bushy eyebrows, a strong hairline, and even fine lines. North completed her outfit with a black Chrome Hearts hoodie and a knit beanie.

Kim, who is 42, wore mirrored shield-style sunglasses, slicked-back hair, and a tight bodysuit. Kim told Allure in 2022, “North is really into special effects makeup, and she’s good at it.” But Kardashian fans didn’t like her latest look.

While the mother-daughter duo’s shared TikTok account doesn’t allow comments, many Kardashian fans took to Twitter to say what they thought, calling it “weird” and “a little cringe.” Someone called North “Kanye East,” and someone else joked that Kim “misses Ye so much that she had to cosplay North into him.”

North West Transforms Into Dad Kanye West In TikTok Video
North West Transforms Into Dad Kanye West In TikTok Video

Another fan asked, “Does she know she can tell her kid no?” North is the Kardashian-West child who seems to be the most like her dad, not just in looks. She often makes a mess on social media, pranks her younger siblings and her reality-star mom, and makes fun of Kim’s most famous moments.

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By flipping the bird on the annual Kardashian Christmas card in 2021, the aspiring fashionista even made it impossible to use. The TikTok star isn’t afraid to get her siblings involved in her antics. In December, she gave her 4-year-old sister, Chicago, a makeover in her edgy style.

Since they divorced, Kim and Kanye have taken care of their four kids together. The Skims founder said this is “f–king hard.” If you think this is interesting, please share it with your friends. For more updates and the latest news regarding celebrities, Visit


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