NewsNation Reporter Evan Lambert Arrested In Ohio!

A NewsNation reporter was detained on Wednesday after he started live reporting during an Ohio government press conference regarding a train derailment. According to police, this led to an altercation with a member of the National Guard after the reporter refused to stop speaking during the governor’s remarks.

At the event, when authorities declared they were lifting a multiday evacuation order close to the scene of a fiery weekend derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, law enforcement personnel halted NewsNation correspondent Evan Lambert as he reported from the scene.

Lambert was requested to halt his live reporting by two state highway patrol officers and the adjutant general of the Ohio National Guard, Maj. Gen. John Harris, because they thought it was noisy and disturbing, East Palestine police said in a news release on Thursday.

An argument broke out between Lambert and Harris, who pushed the reporter away from him as Lambert approached Harris “in an aggressive manner,” police said.

Police said Lambert was asked to leave the facility after Harris reported the incident because it had “developed into a physical conflict and demanded law enforcement involvement.”

Lambert was asked to go outside to discuss after the cops tried to defuse the situation by asking him to do so, but he refused, according to the police.

The reporter was then brought outside after being informed that he was being arrested, at which point, according to police, he attempted to flee.

Before complying, Lambert was “not listening to the authorities and was attempting to get up” when he was brought to the ground by police, according to police.

According to Columbiana County Sheriff Brian McLaughlin, East Palestine police officers arrested Lambert on preliminary counts of criminal trespassing and resisting arrest.

However, Lambert claimed he was facing criminal trespass and disorderly behavior charges, according to a statement from Mike Viqueira, the Washington Bureau Chief for NewsNation. Soon after Lambert finished his broadcast, the police detained him, according to NewsNation Report.

Gov. Mike DeWine later expressed concern about the arrest, and his office said he wasn’t aware of it as it happened. Lambert was released from the county jail on bail Wednesday night.

Lambert told his network in an interview after his release: “No journalist expects to be detained while you’re doing their job, and I believe that’s crucial that doesn’t happen in our society.”

NewsNation is “relieved that Evan Lambert is safe and headed home for a much-needed respite,” Viqueira said in a Thursday statement.

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In the statement, it is said that “we never want to lose sight of the reality that Evan was in Ohio to offer up-to-the-minute news about a devastating train disaster that has affected thousands of lives.”

“We admire Evan’s dedication as a journalist whose mission is to write fair and unbiased stories. He handled this tragic scenario with real professionalism.”

After his release, Lambert informed NewsNation that he had papers stating that “there are still accusations pending against me.”

“I see no reason why the charges would be dropped, but that is in the Prosecutors Office hands at this point,” McLaughlin told CNN in a statement Thursday morning.

According to a statement posted on Twitter on Thursday by NewsNation’s head of news, Michael Corn, “the numerous recordings of this incident obtained by witnesses speak for themselves.”

We’ll let individuals draw their own opinions about how the cops engaged in this incident handled the situation, Corn said. CNN has contacted the Ohio Adjutant General’s Department for comment.

Officers Pushed The Reporter, Video Shows

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According to NewsNation, the news conference was supposed to start at 3 p.m. but didn’t start until around 5 p.m. Just as Lambert was set to begin his live broadcast, DeWine started speaking, according to the source.

The program displays, “We’re being told we need to cease broadcasting because this press conference is behind us,” Lambert said as he abruptly concluded his live coverage.

The reporter promptly ended her broadcast after that. Lambert was then asked to leave by police, according to NewsNation.

Multiple law enforcement personnel can be seen surrounding Lambert near the gymnasium door, preventing him from entering further, and attempting to persuade him to leave, according to a cell phone video released by NewsNation.

The footage eventually shows two officers grabbing Lambert by the arms and shoving him outside the gym. He was then handcuffed and placed on the ground by the police. You can hear Lambert introducing himself as a reporter.

The correspondent was initially detained in the Columbiana County Jail, Viqueira said.

He was reporting to the public on a subject of urgent, crucial concern to our audience, as you can see from the videos, according to Viqueira. “Hundreds of journalists do this without issue,” she added.

Although the governor was not there when Lambert was arrested, his office said in a statement following the press conference that he later learned that a reporter had been requested to stop his coverage because “the volume of his reporting was believed to be interfering with the event.”

According to his office, “Governor DeWine did not request that the reporter discontinue his live broadcast, and he did not know that the request was made.”

We are unable to remark on what caused the reporter’s detention because the governor was not there for what happened after the show concluded.

After the press conference, when reporters questioned DeWine about the arrest, he declined to comment on specifics. Still, he said that it is customary for media to cover his events live and that they have a right to do so.

“That person had a right to be reporting. They should have been allowed to report,” he said. “If they were in any way hampered from reporting, that certainly is wrong, and it’s not anything that I approve of. I vehemently disapprove of it.”

DeWine and local officials gave an update on the derailment of the train, whose wreckage burned for days and forced evacuations due to the possibility of a devastating explosion and the release of its poisonous cargo.

Lambert told NewsNation after his release that he was “just trying to do his job.”

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“And that’s what it’s all about, protecting the first amendment and democracy and trying to help people get information,” he said.

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