Multiple People Shot During French Montana Music Video Shoot!

Multiple People Shot During French Montana Music Video Shoot: On Thursday night, nearly a dozen people were hurt when shots were fired outside a restaurant in Miami Gardens. It happened in the 2700 block of NW and 175th Street area around 8 p.m.

CBS4 found out that a fight that started somewhere else ended with a shooting in front of The Licking restaurant. “There were multiple shots, and it sounded like an assault rifle,” says a witness named Ced Mogul.

Six people were taken to hospitals in the area, and four were flown to the Ryder Trauma Center. Four more went to the hospital on their own or with someone else. There was a shooting when rapper French Montana made a music video in the restaurant’s parking lot.

Mogul said that there were 10 to 15 gunshots, and everyone started running. Mogul said, “When we heard the gunshots, people ran away. Some had blood on their shirts, and others were crying on the ground.” “It’s unfortunate.”

Multiple People Shot During French Montana Music Video Shoot
Multiple People Shot During French Montana Music Video Shoot!

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Widmark Baez was there while they were filming. When the gunfire started, he grabbed his godsons and dove for cover. “I was looking the other way when all of a sudden, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba,

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That’s when he said things got out of hand, “A man was running around and yelling for help getting to the hospital. He was running with his hand, and his stomach was bleeding. He just went from place to place, asking everyone to “He remembered saying, “Take me to the hospital, take me to the hospital.”

The police in Miami Gardens told CBS Miami News that the rapper Rob 4-9 was also hit. “One of the most famous rappers, Rob49, jumped into a car, and they took him to the hospital immediately,” Baez said. On Friday, K-9 units from the ATF and the US Marshal’s Office were sniffing around the parking lot.

Baez said his low rider and his English bulldog were in the video. When shots were fired, the dog ran away. He still wants to find her. Baez said that the fighting has to stop. “This is crazy. If you want to fight about something, you should use your hands, not guns.

Stop being so mean. This makes no sense, “he said. So far, no one has been caught because of the shooting. Police in Miami Gardens says there are no deaths. If you think this is interesting, please share it with your friends. For more updates and the latest news regarding celebrities, Visit


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