Mayor Adams Releases Preliminary Budget for Fiscal Year 2024!

Mayor Adams Releases Preliminary Budget: Mayor Eric Adams showed off a plan for a budget that will force city agencies to do the same work with fewer people.

Adams told CBS2’s Marcia Kramer that his new budget plan isn’t a “do more with less money” plan but depends on cutting the city employees by 4,300. This won’t happen through layoffs but rather by not filling empty positions. He tried to defend himself against that.

“Some people will say that when vacancies are filled, agencies can’t do their jobs. Disagree with them. There are still 23,000 open jobs, so agency budgets have plenty of room to hire people for essential roles, “Adams said.

Adams wants to spend $102.7 billion in the fiscal year that starts on July 1. It’s about $1 billion more than the current budget of $101.1 billion, but because of inflation and the need to house more than 40,000 asylum seekers, the plan doesn’t leave much room for error for city agencies.

The mayor says that if organizations want to start new programs, they must pay for them by cutting something else. “As the economy slows down, so will the growth of our income. This makes everything go wrong. Even though we will have less money, we will still have to pay for the core services New Yorkers use daily, “Adams said.

People are already upset with the mayor for cutting $13 million from libraries this year and $20 million next year. Sources say that the NYPD’s budget is pretty much the same and that the increase in the number of cops on the subways is paid for by state aid.

Mayor Adams Releases Preliminary Budget
Mayor Adams Releases Preliminary Budget

But the person elected because he said he would make the streets safe again says he won’t cut corners on safety. “I won’t give up the safety of the public. We must stay safe, “Adams said. “People in New York must feel safe, and when they see that blue uniform, they do. We’re going to find new people. We need to be smart about how we use overtime.”

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By “smart,” the mayor meant that the NYPD had cut the number of people who work at the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square and the number of cops who work at parades. Adams said, “We have a civilianization plan we’re putting into action.”

There, people who are not officers do desk work. Besides the problem with migrants, the city also has to deal with the following:

  • A weakening national economy
  • A downturn in real estate sales
  • A drop in Wall Street profits and bonuses
  • A considerable increase in office vacancy rates

The mayor says that one thing he won’t do is raise taxes on the rich. “We’re losing a lot of people who make a lot of money to Florida. We should be very aware of that, “Adams said. The city can borrow money to pay for things like:

  • Transforming Willets Point in Queens with affordable housing, a new hotel, and a soccer stadium
  • A new safety door-locking system for city schools

If you were wondering, there is still $1.8 million to pay for a new “rat czar” and to expand the neighborhood rat initiative to Harlem. By the way, the City Council is already giving signs that it will fight any cuts to libraries and nonprofit groups that depend on city money.

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