Matt Gaetz On House Speaker Vote: ‘I Ran Out Of Things I Could Even Imagine To Ask For’!

Matt Gaetz On House Speaker Vote: House Republicans turned on one of their own on Friday. One lawmaker-elect got angry with Matt Gaetz of Florida as he nominated Jim Jordan as the speaker to stop party leader Kevin McCarthy from taking the gavel.

As the House tried for the 12th time to choose a speaker before moving on to other business, Gaetz, one of six Republicans known as the “Never Kevins,” stood up to nominate Jordan of Ohio, who has always supported McCarthy (R-Calif.) and has never shown any interest in the job.

Gaetz said, “You only deserve to be speaker of the House if you can get the votes.” “Today, Mr. McCarthy doesn’t have enough support. He won’t get the votes tomorrow, and he won’t get them next week, next month, or next year, either.”

As Gaetz talked, some Republicans started to walk out of the room in a showy way, and others began to speak up about what he was saying. “So, Madam Clerk, one has to wonder if this is just an act of vanity by someone who has done the math, counted, and is putting this institution through something that can be avoided.”

Matt Gaetz On House Speaker Vote
Matt Gaetz On House Speaker Vote

Gaetz kept going. As the far-right person said that House Republicans think McCarthy “deserves to be Speaker of the House because he raised half a billion dollars to get Republicans elected,” the noise in the chamber got louder.

Rep.-elect Mike Bost (R-Ill.), a McCarthy supporter, was heard shouting, “It’s not going to bring anyone!” as presiding clerk Cheryl Johnson and other members-elect called for order. Johnson told lawmakers, “Don’t use personal attacks against other House members.”

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Gaetz continued his speech and called McCarthy “the LeBron James of special interest fundraising.” Robert Costa, a reporter for CBS News, said that as some members-elect left the floor, they “cursed out Gaetz.” “I don’t want to hear this s–t!” Costa heard what an angry lawmaker said in the lobby of the Speaker’s office.

McCarthy lost the 12th and 13th votes on Friday afternoon, but he said he would be speaker by the night’s end. McCarthy told reporters after the House recessed until 10 p.m., “We’ll be back tonight, and I think we’ll have the votes to finish this once and for all.”

McCarthy got 214 votes on his 13th try, which was the most support he had brought. He will likely need 218 votes to become a speaker when everything is said and done. Please tell your friends about this if you think it’s interesting. Go to for the latest updates and news about celebrities.


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