Longtime Kiro Newsradio Host Dori Monson Dies At Age 61!

Dori Monson Dies: An American radio host, Dori Monson (October 2, 1961 – December 31, 2022) was best known for her afternoon chat show on KIRO-FM in Seattle. Born in Seattle, Washington, Monson spent his childhood in Ballard, a predominantly Scandinavian neighborhood.

He’s a Ballard High School alum. At the University of Washington, he worked for KCMU as the play-by-play announcer for the Husky football team. Monson began his professional broadcasting career as a sports producer at KING-TV and a sports reporter and host at KING AM after being introduced to King Broadcasting owner Dorothy Bullitt by longtime Seattle broadcaster Bill O’Mara. He later moved to KIRO-FM 100.7 when the Pat Cashman Show switched stations in 1994.

Longtime Kiro Newsradio Host Dori Monson Dies At Age 61!

Dori Monson Dies
Dori Monson Dies

Seattle’s KIRO Newsradio reported Sunday that Dori Monson, a popular newsreader, died unexpectedly at 61. On Saturday night, Monson passed away suddenly at the hospital. As written by KIRO, he suffered a heart attack on Thursday.

We at KIRO Newsradio and Bonneville International Corporation, along with Dori’s immediate family, are devastated by the news of her unexpected death on Saturday night at a Seattle hospital.

Dori was a lifelong social and government issue monitor, and he was popularly recognized as a “kid from the mean streets of Ballard.” Dori was the most popular midday host on KIRO-FM at his death.

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Cathy Cangiano, Senior Vice President and Market Manager at Bonneville in Seattle, said, “We are mourning his loss together with Dori’s family.” We are planning to broadcast tributes to honor his memory and career.

Dori began her radio career in 1982 while still a student at the University of Washington. She has since worked for KING-TV, KING Radio, and KIRO (starting in the early 1990s). Dori guided the Shorecrest High School girls’ basketball team to its first state championship in 2016 and has been an outspoken advocate for women’s sports for over 25 years.

Dori loves deep sea fishing with his KIRO and ESPN coworkers and played pickleball with his family despite his recent health problems. He is survived by his wife, three grown daughters, a dog, and an army of devoted fans of his radio show.

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