Legendary Actor Treat Williams D!es At 71; Known for ‘Hair’ and ‘Everwood’

Actor Treat Williams, who was featured in such films as “Hair” and “Deep Rising” and in the television series “Everwood,” has passed away. He was 71.

According to the Vermont State Police, Mr. Williams passed away Monday after an S.U.V. collided with his motorbike in Dorset, Vermont.

The acc!dent happened late afternoon in a rural area near Vermont’s New York state line.

According to the Vermont State Police, Mr. Williams’s Honda motorcycle was traveling north when a southbound S.U.V. trying to turn left into a parking lot collided. Mr. Williams was “unable to avoid a collision and was thrown from his motorcycle.”

The state police reported that Mr. Williams, wearing a helmet at the acc!dent, had been taken to an Albany, N.Y., medical center, where he was later pronounced ded from his injuries. The driver, a 35-year-old man whose vehicle struck Mr. Williams, did not require medical attention.

According to the police, an inquiry is being conducted. Other information wasn’t immediately available.

1951 saw Richard Treat Williams’ birth in Stamford, Connecticut. The Welsh name “Treat” has been used by his family for many years.

Treat Williams Dead

According to an interview with Vermont Magazine from 2021, Mr. Williams relocated to Rowayton, Connecticut, with his family as a child. His father, a soldier of World War II, later worked for Merck Pharmaceuticals. On Long Island Sound, his mother ran a school for swimming and sailing.

“Looking back on my younger years, I had an idyllic childhood, but I didn’t initially realize how idyllic it truly was until I grew older,” he told the magazine.

In the seventh grade, according to Mr. Williams, he started acting. Later, he left the football team at Pennsylvania’s Franklin & Marshall College to concentrate on his acting career.

He replaced four male protagonists in “Grease,” including John Travolta, as their understudy within a short period of time on Broadway. Then he started getting parts in movies with A-list actors like Michael Caine, James Earl Jones, and others. One of his most notable performances was as a hippy in Milos Forman’s 1979 adaptation of “Hair,” which starred.

His success, though, wasn’t always confident. Following the failure of the 1980 comedy “Why Would I Lie?” in which he had a starring role, Mr. Williams began flying aircraft for a Los Angeles-based corporation.

“I’d done eight films, none of which had been successful,” In 1981, he spoke to The New York Times. “I felt so out of control. I wasn’t working with people I wanted to work with. I was very frustrated.”

When Mr. Williams eventually returned to the entertainment industry, he continued to work in films and television for another four decades.

He is most known for playing the essential parts of an informant-turned-policeman in the 1981 movie “Prince of the City” and a boat captain in the 1998 action picture “Deep Rising.”

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He also appeared in the WB television series “Everwood,” about a New York neurosurgeon who moves to the mountains of Colorado with his family after the deth of his wife in a car acc!dent. The program had a 2002 premiere and ran for four seasons.

In a more recent role, Mr. Williams portrayed an old flame who is trying to sell her hometown in the 2020 Netflix musical “Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square” and who is improbably single. He also portrayed a retired investigator in the 2022 HBO series “We Own This City.”

There was no immediate information about Mr. Williams’ surviving family members.

Mr. Williams, a Manchester Center, Vermont resident, sent a picture to Twitter a few hours before he passed away that appeared to have been taken from the seat of a lawn mower.

“Mowing today,” he said. “Wish I could bottle the scent.”

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