Katie Poirier’s Killer Donald Blom Dies in Minn. Prison!

Donald Blom Dies: Donald Albin Blom was an American who was found guilty of killing Katie Poirier in 1999. He lived from February 5, 1949, to January 10, 2023. Case investigators thought he was a serial killer because he was a registered sexual offender who had been involved in five cases of kidnapping and sexual assault before he killed Poirier.

Blom served the rest of his prison time at MCF-Oak Park Heights, a maximum-security prison in Stillwater, Minnesota, beginning in 2021. Before that, he spent about four years in the medium-security MCF-Faribault prison after moving from the high-security SCI Greene prison in Pennsylvania.

Katie Poirier’s Killer Donald Blom Dies in Minn. Prison!

Donald Blom Dies
Donald Blom Dies

Donald Blom, who was found guilty of killing convenience store clerk Katie Poirier in 1999 in a case that shocked Minnesota, has died in prison, the Department of Corrections said Wednesday. He was serving a life sentence without the chance of parole.

Blom, 73 years old, died on Tuesday in the state’s maximum security prison at Oak Park Heights. A spokesman for the department, Aaron Swanum, said it was “an expected natural death due to illness.” After Blom was found guilty of first-degree murder in 2000, he was sent to a prison in Pennsylvania for his safety.

Later, he did time at both Oak Park Heights and jail in Faribault with medium security. The Richfield man was accused of taking Poirier, who was 19 and from Barnum, from where she was working alone at DJ’s Expressway Conoco on Interstate 35 in Moose Lake.

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A scary security video of the kidnapping was shown over and over again on Minnesota TV stations at the time. Blom, convicted of having sexual relations with a minor, said he had strangled her and burned her body on his vacation property near Moose Lake.

The burned bone pieces and tooth the police found in Poirier’s fire pit were determined to be his. He said during his trial and in unsuccessful appeals that he was forced to tell the police what he did. The Minnesota Supreme Court decided that he had given his confession alone and had given up any right to have it thrown out.

Because of the crime, the Minnesota Legislature passed a package of bills that made the state’s laws on sex offenders stricter. Please share this with your friends if you find it interesting. Visit Lighthousejournal.org for more celebrity updates and breaking news.

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