What Is The Real Story of Hulu Stolen Youth Documentary?

Watching “Stolen Youth,” a new Hulu docuseries examining Larry Ray’s psychological terror reign over a group of Sarah Lawrence college students, is challenging.

The three-part series, which debuted on February 8, includes numerous actual films shot while the students lived with Ray, many of which show verbal and physical abuse.

When The Cut published an exposé in 2019, the first word about what would be known as the “cult at Sarah Lawrence” emerged.

It described how Ray had moved into Talia’s dorm at Sarah Lawrence and immediately gained her housemates’ respect by regaling them with self-improvement tips.

Ray had lied about this and many other elements of his life, but he insisted that his knowledge came from his time serving in the Marines.

Whoever followed the story in 2019 is aware of what transpired next. Talia, Santos Rosario, Daniel Levin, Claudia Drury, and Isabella Pollok were among the pupils Ray made relocate to his studio apartment in New York City.

As a result, emotional, physical, and financial abuse patterns developed. Ray took control of Santos’s two older sisters, Yalitza and Felicia, ordered students to have sex with one another, demanded Santos pay him back thousands of dollars for alleged apartment damage, and even accepted $2.5 million from Drury, who had turned into a sex worker to pay Ray for debts she thought she owed, according to The New York Times.

Drury had become a sex worker to pay Ray for debts she believed she owed. Drury declined to participate in the Hulu video but testified against Ray in court.

Ray was still a free man when the article was released, and he was seen after it looking for Drury after he had eventually managed to escape from him.

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However, in September 2022, 63-year-old Ray was found guilty on 15 counts, including racketeering, violent assault, sex trafficking, tax evasion, and money laundering, and was given a 60-year prison term.

In the film, five of the original tenants of Ray’s New York City apartment—the three Rosario siblings, Levin, and Pollok—and several of their other Sarah Lawrence classmates who saw Ray’s intrusion in its infancy are included. In it, they consider the tragic incidents that cost them years of their life.

Find out where the former Sarah Lawrence students, who are now in their 30s, are by reading the following insights from the documentary.

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