HBO TV Series ‘Succession’ To End After Season 4!

The HBO drama “Succession,” which won an Emmy, is coming to an end. Jesse Armstrong, the show’s creator, and showrunner revealed to The New Yorker that the fourth season will be the last one, adding that he wanted viewers to be aware of this before the season debut.

“I feel a responsibility to the viewership, and I wouldn’t like the feeling of, ‘Oh, that’s it, guys. That was the end,'” Armstrong told the magazine in an interview published Thursday.

Armstrong said that it is unreasonable for the cast and crew to have to keep the show’s finale a secret during interviews.

“It’s pretty definitively the end, so then it just might be uncomfortable having to sort of dissemble like a politician for ages about it,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong claimed that he and the writers discussed the advantages and disadvantages of continuing the program versus stopping it before beginning the fourth season’s writing.

Armstrong admitted that while he preferred the latter option, he never entirely ruled out the possibility of continuing the program until much later in the production of season four.

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“I like operating the writing room by coming in with a sort of proposition, and then being genuinely open to alternative ways of going,” he explained.

“And the decision to end solidified through the writing and even when we started filming: I said to the cast, ‘I’m not a hundred percent sure, but I think this is it.'” 

Because he wanted “to stop being upset about ending doing something which I truly, really enjoyed,” Armstrong continued, it was challenging to completely say goodbye to future seasons. Even though he ultimately opted to terminate the project, he still expresses his “very mixed” feelings.

The partnerships, Armstrong noted, “with the cast, my fellow writers, Nick Britell and Mark Mylod and the other directors—they’ve simply been so amazing,” made the decision difficult.

The feeling that everyone who works on a good production, and this one more so, receives is that the circus has left town.

As the patriarch, played by Brian Cox, struggles with his health, “Succession” chronicles the tale of the Roy family, proprietors of a massive media conglomerate, who are all competing for control of the business.

On March 26, the new season will begin. There have been an astounding 48 Emmy nominations for “Succession,” with 13 wins.

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